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Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star.Philippians.2:12-18.(v.15)

September 26, 2011

Philippians.2:15b.Among whom you shine as lights in the world.

A wealthy man was asked,what is the greatest experience of your life? He had a lear jet airplane that he could fly anywhere in the world. He had many experiences as one of the wealthiest men in the world would have.But he said,the most exciting experience I have is sitting with my wife,holding her hand on the front porch of our house at night and watching the show.He meant of course,that there is a great delight in watching what God puts on in the spectacular universe.David declared in Psalm.8:3-4,When I consider the heavens,the work of thy fingers,the moon and the stars,which thou hast put in place;what is man,that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man,that thou visitest him?

The King of the universe as we look into the sky each evening is the sun because the sun speaks of power,greatness and might.But the sun to us is only great and powerful because the sun is so close to us.Many of the stars many times larger than the sun are only smaller because they are so great distances from the earth.The sun is not all that far away from the earth.They tell us it is about ninety three million miles from the earth to the sun.

There are some stars in God’s universe that are so large that they could not pass between the distance of the sun and the earth.They are more than 93 million miles in diameter or across.

When God put this show together,he put it on a great stage and it is a magnificant show. If you could catch a ride on a ray of light that travels 186,000 miles per second,you could travel from the earth to the moon in a second and a half.Now, you would be dizzy when you got there,but nevertheless it would be a fast ride.But if you were riding that same ray of light at the same rate of speed it would take you four hours to get to Mars…because Mars is that much further out in God’s great universe.

There are some stars so far away that travelling at that same rate of speed…if you were to travel 150 years you would still not be there.God is some kind of God isn’t he?No wonder the wealthy man said,  “The most exciting experience that I  have is sitting on the front porch with my wife,holding her hand and looking at the mighty show.”

With our imagination working, I want us too see the stars.(v.15) Paul said, you are like stars.You shine in this universe like the stars of the heavens.

People are like the stars of the heavens.Some shine brightly, some shine dimly.Some twinkle and flicker for a little bit and then they go out.Some are exciting for awhile and then like a shooting star they fall out of the sky.

People are like stars (v.15). You are like the lumanaries of the firmament.God has put you in this darkened world to shine as stars.When God puts us in the world to bear a witness, He doesn’t want us to be Super Stars.He just wants us to be stars; He just wants us to do our thing; just to perform as he has created us and recreated us by regeneration.


Missionary:Why I Went To Africa.

December 19, 2008

Testimony of Paris Reidhead….Christianity says,”The end of all being is the glory of God.”

Humanism says,”The end of all being is the happiness of man.”

What is the philosophy of missions?What is the philosophy of evangelism?What is the philosophy of a christian?

A missionary writes…

When I went to Africa,I went primarily to improve n the justice of God.I didn’t think it was right for anybody to go to hell without a chance to be saved.And so I went to give poor sinners a chance to go to heaven.Now when you analyze this,do you know what it is?It is humanism.I was simply using the provisions of Jesus Christ as a means to improve upon human conditions of suffering and misery.

And when I got to Africa,I discovered that they were not poor,ignorant,little heathen running around in the woods waiting for,looking for someone to tell them how to go to heaven.I discovered that they were monsters of iniquity.They were living in utter and total defiance of far more knowledge than I ever dreamed they had.They deserved hell because they utterly refused to walk in the light of their conscience and the light of the law written upon their heart and the testimony of nature and the truth they knew.

And when I found that out,I assure you,I was so angry with God that on one occasion in prayer,I told him that it was a mighty little thing He’d done.Sending me out there to reach these people that were waiting to be told how to go to heaven.When I got there,I found out they knew about Heaven,but didn’t want to go there.And they loved their sin and wanted to stay in it.

I went out their motivated by humanism.I had seen pictures of lepers.I had seen pictures of ulcers and native funerals…And I didn’t want my fellow human beings to suffer in hell eternally after such a miserable existence on earth.

But it was there in Africa that God began to tear through the overlay of  this humanism.And it was that day in my bed room with the door locked that I wrestled with God.For here I was coming to grips with the fact that the people I thought were ignorant and wanted to know how to go to heaven and were saying,”Someone come and teach us”,actually didn’t want to take time to talk with me or anybody else.They had no interest in the Bible and no interest in Christ…And they loved their sin and wanted to continue in it.

I was to the place at that time where I felt the whole thing was a sham and a mockery and I had been sold a bill of goods.I wanted to come home..and there in my bed room as I faced God honestly with what my heart seemed to me I heard Him say:”Yes,will not the Judge of all the earth do right?” “The heathen are lost and they are going to go to hell,not because they haven’t heard the gospel.”They are going to go to hell because they are sinners who loved their sin and because they deserved hell.”

“But I didn’t send you out there for them.I didn’t send you out there for their sakes.”I heard God say to my heart that day something like this:”I didn’t send you to Africa for the sake of the heathen.I sent you to Africa for my sake.”

“They deserved hell,but I love them and I endured the agonies of hell for them.I didn’t send you out there for them.I sent you out there for me.” “Do I not deserve the reward of my suffering?Don’t I deserve those for whom I died?”

And it reversed it all.It changed it all.It righted it all.And I wasn’t any longer working for Micah and ten sheckels and a shirt…but I was serving the living God.