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Grief stricken pastor who lost six year old son.

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Worry! Worry! Worry!

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In Romans 8 Paul declares that he will not fear what is happening today and what may happen tomorrow. He will not be a prisoner to his fears. Many people are immobolized today by what might happen or by what could happen.Some of our fears are utterly ridiculous and yet they have an immobolizing effect upon us.

Barry Segal, who was a writer for the L.A.Times years ago points out that while we are worrying about things like a nuclear exchange between the super powers and the effects of pesticides that may poision us…while we are worrying about these things there are catastrophes  just lurking beneath the surface that we’re not even thinking about.

He lists some of them:

For example: If everyone keeps saving their National geographic magazines in garages and attics instead of throwing them away, the sheer weight of the cumulation of these magazines is going to sink the North American continent a hundred feet below water.

He further points out that if visitors to the beach keep returning home with as much sand clinging to their shoes as they have in the past…that in ten years eighty per-cent of the coast line will disappear.

And the most helpful part of his writings concerns the danger of pickles,the common ordinary pickles that we eat.

He says for instance that 96% of all communist sympathizers eat pickles.

Ninety nine per-cent of all automobile accidents involve people who have eaten pickles.

He also says that documented data reveals that all those persons born in 1839 who ate pickles are now dead.

And all this pickle research has been confirmed by feeding rats twenty five pounds of pickles for 30 days and all of them ended up with bulging stomachs and loss of appetite.

On the basis of very little information we can imagine all kinds of dangers and trends…Real or imagined.

We need the comfort of Romans.8:35-39.

1.God is on our side.

2.Our commitment in life is to Christ…not circumstances.

3.Nothing can seperate us from His love.

Now, go eat some pickles!

How not to be saved.

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Luke.23:43. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.

Do we want proof that salvation is of grace and not of works? We have it in the case before us. The dying thief was nailed hand and foot to the cross.  He could do literally nothing for his own soul. Yet even he through Christ’s infinite grace was saved. No one ever received such a strong assurance of his own forgiveness as this man.

1.He could not work for his salvation.His hands were nailed to a cross. Titus.3:5. Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and the renewing of the Holy Spirit.

2. He could not walk for his salvation. His feet were nailed to a cross. It is only after salvation that we experience walking in the Lord. Col.2:6. As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him.

3.He could not worship for his salvation. Do we need proof that sacraments and ordinances are not absolutely needful for salvation, and that men may be saved without them when they cannot be had? The dying thief was never baptized, belonged to no visible church, and never received the Lord’s supper. But he repented and believed, and therefore was saved.(J.C.Ryle).

4.He could not wait for his salvation.Today is the day of salvation. Here is one who was saved at the last minute. One thief was saved that no sinner may despair, but only one, that no sinner may presume.

What he saw:

John Wesley once said, “Conversion is a work of God’s grace in the heart,” and nothing short of this can be conversion. It is a supernatural event resulting from a new vision.

1.He realized who Jesus was. “Lord,” he cried, “remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.”

2.He believed in the resurrection of Jesus.“Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Dead men do not have kingdoms.

3.He saw Jesus as the redeemer.This man has done nothing amiss.”Lord, remember me.”

Jesus opened his heart and said, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.

There is a fountain filled with blood,

Drawn from Immanuel’s veins;

And sinners plunged beneath that flood

Lose all their guilty stains.

The dying thief rejoiced to see

That fountain in his day;

And there may I, though vile as he,

Wash all my sins away.

Commentary on Luke 23:39-43.

John Trapp:

Verse 40. But the other answering rebuked him saying, Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? Silent he was for awhile, and therefore seemed to consent; till hearing Christ’s prayer and the enemies’ outrages, he broke out into this brave confession, worthy to be written in letters of gold.

Verse 41.And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss.This good thief, like the olive tree, bore fruit late, but great store of that which was excellent.
Verse.42.Remember me…By this penitent prayer he made his cross a Jacob’s ladder, whereby, the angels descended to fetch up his soul.
Verse.43. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise. See the infinite love of Christ to penitent sinners, in that when he hung upon a tree, and was praying dear for man’s sins, he rejected not this malefactor’s petition.Shall he not hear us now that all is paid and finished?

TODAY!! This is not everybody’s happiness. A pardon is sometimes given to one upon the gallows; but who so trust to that, the rope may be his hire.Most deal with repentance as country people do with physicians-love not have to do with till they feel they are gasping the last breath. The mole begins not to see till he be at the point of death.The serpent stretcheth not himself out straight till he hath received his death wound. But what if God should say to such lingerers, as the crab in the fable did to the dying serpent. “It’s too late now, you should have lived so.”

How free is free will?

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Free-will without God’s grace is not free at all, but is the permanent prisoner and bondslave of evil,since it cannot turn itself to good.(Martin Luther).

Here is the crucial issue: whether God is the author,not merely of justification,but also of faith.(J.I.Packer and O.R.Johnston).

When the will is enchained as the slave of sin,it cannot make a movement towards goodness,far less steadily pursue it.(John Calvin).

If the case be such indeed,that all mankind are by nature in a state of ruin…then doubtless,the great salvation of Christ stands in direct relation to this ruin,as the remedy to the disease.(Jonathan Edwards).

It was by the evil use of his free -will that man destroyed both it and himself.(Augustine)

Then there are the arminian views which unfortunately are accepted by so many in the S.B.C.

Though divine persuasion be limitless,it still remains persuasion,and so when a decision is secured for Christ in the inividual he exercises his own will apart from even a shadow of constraint.(Lewis Sperry Chafer)

If the nature is sinful,in such a sense that action must necessarly be sinful…then sin in action must be a calamity,and can be no crime,since the will has nothing to do with it.(Charles Finney).According to Finney regeneration consists in a change in the attitude of the will or in its ultimate choice,intention,or preference.

If anyone says that man’s free will {when} moved and aroused by God,by assenting to God…in no way cooperates {and} that it cannot refuse its assent if it wishes…let him be anathema! (Council of Trent).

All unregenerate persons have freedom of will,and a capability of resisting the Holy Spirit,of rejecting the proffered grace of God…and of not opening to Him who knocks at the door of the heart;and these things they can actually do. (James Arminius).

Paige Patterson makes deal with God.

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A Missionary Moment by Jeff Holloway.

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A Missionary Moment – 1

By Missionary Evangelist Jeff Holloway


Every missionary moment is different.  Some are successful, some are not so successful.  The following missionary moment took place in the early part of 2003 in Monimbo, Nicaragua.  A lady named Martha was saved.  The Lord filled her with joy.  She was baptized, joined the church, and displayed a changed life.  One day she asked me if I could preach a revival crusade at her house.    She said, “I have 10 children, and only one will go to church with me. “  She wanted me to preach the Gospel to them.   I promised her that as soon as possible, I would honor her request.   On a subsequent trip to Nicaragua, I scheduled this meeting.  Martha said, “I will prepare.”

When I arrived in Monimobo I checked into a little hotel which consisted of a little room, a bucket of water and a foam rubber mattress.  On Monday, the night the meeting was to start, I went to her house.  She had her yard clean and swept with about 50 chairs set up ready for the meeting.   Martha was excited because all of her family was coming. At 6:00 in the evening, we started the meeting.  Almost all of the chairs filled. 

We had no music.  I tried to pray and I tried to preach.  It was one of the most difficult times I have ever had in trying to preach.   It seemed as though my words would not come out.  While I was preaching, I had an awful thought. “I will be glad when this is over.”  In a little time, I closed the meeting.  I went to my little hotel room, frustrated.  I began to pray more diligently, but with no relief.  If possible, Tuesday evening, was worse.  Wednesday was even worse.  There were dogs running into the yard, and children fighting.  I think some of the adults were having a difficult time also.  My thoughts were, “In five days; I can go home and get away from this horrible meeting.”  I seriously thought about quitting.  I even thought maybe I can get sick.    I found the grace to keep going. 

In the meantime the meeting was moved from her yard to a little pole tabernacle building with a grass roof.  On that evening the little building was packed, maybe 60 or 70 people.  My gospel preaching confidence was shattered.   I decided to stand up and try to preach anyway. I read a text from John 3.  I had barely finished the text when a lady about 60 years old stood to her feet and began to scream: reconcile, reconcile, reconcile.  I asked the interpreter what was happening.  He said, “She wants reconciliation with God.” I motioned for her to come forward; she acknowledged that she wanted to be saved.  In the front of that congregation she professed Christ as her Savior.   Her countenance was changed. 

She went back to where she was sitting, and began to pull a lady I assumed was her daughter to the front of the building.  I asked what she was doing.   She said, “I want my daughter to be saved too.”  I appreciated her evangelistic zeal, but that is not exactly how we do evangelism.  By the way, we generally do not give invitations openly.  This was a spontaneous response.  A few weeks later, the daughter was genuinely converted.  This family to this day, maintains a good testimony. 

Having seen this lady converted seemed to help my attitude.  I thought I would finish my message.    But the Lord was not finished with His preaching.  Immediately, a young well-dressed man said, I have a question.  He said, “All my life, I have gone to churches, but I have never heard before that we are saved by faith alone.  Would you explain?”  I took time to talk about salvation and justification by faith alone.  When I finished, he said, “I want this. “  I want this salvation.  Then and there he professed Christ as his savior.  Things were different in this meeting.  I felt so ashamed of my inward thoughts.  I began to try to read the Bible text again, when another young man holding a little baby, who was standing beside a young lady with two small children, said, “I want to say something.  This is my girlfriend.  These are my children.  I have been saved and I want to be baptized, but the church will not allow me to be baptized since I am living with this woman who is not my wife.  He thanked the Lord for saving him.  He said, “Please pray for me.  I want to be baptized.”  The young lady walked down the aisle.   I asked her, “Don’t you want to marry this man so he could be baptized?”   She said, “No!” and a pause, then she said, “I want to be saved!”  Now I am thinking I am in a dream.  The presence of the Lord was so real.  She gladly received Christ.  She stood up and told everyone that she had peace.  They were married soon after that, and then a few weeks later both of them were baptized.  When I return to this area of Nicaragua I look in on them.  They are doing very well.  They are growing Christians. 

Almost immediately, others in the meeting began to share their faith.  This is not a dramatization, but this is a true missionary moment