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Patti Roberts,Richard’s First Wife:Amazing Grace

March 27, 2008


“Sugar daddy”Ed Young and “Sugar baby” Joel Osteen unite!

March 26, 2008

Patti Roberts,Richard’s First Wife Exposes Heresy of Richard and Oral.

October 20, 2007

Before Richard married Lindsey,he was married to Patti.He and Patti had two daughters.After Richard divorced Patti,with Oral’s approval,Patti wrote a book,”Ashes to Gold.”In this book,Patti Roberts compares the “seed faith”tactic of former father-in-law Oral Roberts to Johann Tetzel’s practice of selling indulgences.She points out that she had a “very difficult time distinguishing between the selling of indulgences and the concept of seed-faith inflated to the degree to which we had inflated it.

One distinction Patti did observe was that Oral was more subtle than Tetzel.Rather than offering salvation in exchange for money,Oral appealed to such basic instincts as fear and greed.

Hank Hanegraaff in his book,”Christianity in Crisis”exposes the manipulative techniques of Richard Roberts.When Oral told the world that unless he raised millions of dollars God was going to call him home,Richard took pen in hand to warn of his father’s impending doom.Without “the additional $4,500,000,”explains Richard,”God will not extend Dad’s life.”He then pleads,”Partner,we cannot let this man of God die.There is no reason for him to die.”And this is no idle threat,Richard claims.As he puts it,”When he (Oral) says God speaks to him,he’s not bluffing.”And just in case someone should doubt or suspect his motives,Richard offers this stirring assurance:”I feel totally called by God to do this….I’m writing to you as an anointed servant of God-doing what God has called me to do.”

After several pages Richard finally gets to the seed-faith solution.Take the enclosed birthday card,slip in a seed-faith gift “check,”and then RUSH IT TO ME TODAY.”

By the end of the letter,Richard Roberts had done virtually everything to assure his partners that this was a deal they couldn’t afford to pass up.Send your seed-faith gift ¬†and Richard will be proud of you.Oral will pray for you,and God will prosper you.

“Without the additional four and one half million dollars,explains Richard,God will not extend Dad’s life.”He then pleads,”Partner,we cannot let this man of God die.There is no reason for him to die.”