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The Pastor You’ve Been Looking For.

May 31, 2011


The ideal pastor is difficult to find. But if your church is fortunate, you may be able to secure his services. Since he is the ideal pastor, it won’t cost very much – he lives by faith. Yet he can be counted upon to tithe heavily and still be able to afford a large house in which he will regularly entertain the entire congregation.

He loves the older folks of the church, visiting them regularly. Besides this, he spends all of his time with the young people. The glow on his face reveals his secret. He’s spent many hours on his knees before God. However, he’s always available to anyone who drops by for a friendly chat. What’s a half-hour out of his schedule since he only works on Sunday anyway.

The ideal pastor loves to disciple new converts and gives full-time attention to calling on the elderly, ill, and shut-in. He has a model family, is always in the church office when you call and is busy at the hospital, just looking for a soul to comfort. He would never miss a church function, and attends every function sponsored by the ministerial association. In addition, he meets all his neighbors and civic leaders within the community and wins their hearts too.

The ideal pastor has a worldwide ministry through television, radio, tapes, and books and he travels extensively preaching the Word. He still has time, however, to listen to everyone’s problems and wants to be updated on the progress of your bunions and backaches.

The ideal pastor is only 29 and has been preaching 30 years. He preaches sermons that win the hearts of the lost and inspire the minds of the mature. He produces miracles like Smith Wigglesworth, teaches faith like Kenneth Hagin, evangelizes like Billy Graham, has the eloquence of Spurgeon and the fervor of Moody. Yet he is so profoundly simple that even preschoolers are blessed. Teenagers take notes on his sermons.

The ideal pastor comprehends the complexity of church finances, has mastery of the church budget, and never talks about money. He is a strong believer in holiness and church discipline and never speaks a stern word to anyone.

The ideal pastor is easily spotted. Just look for the man dressed in the latest style suit and color coordinated outfit. He found it at the bottom of the missionary barrel, but knows how important it is to impress well-to-do newcomers with clothes that say “success” and “achievement.”

The ideal pastor is tall, short, lean, and husky, with brown hair and blond hair. He has a deep, resonant voice which, because it is quietly loud, pleases everyone and is audible to the hard of hearing. He can sing, lead music, and delegates authority to everyone. Besides this, he helps each layman and does all the things other people are too busy to do. In short, he keeps the entire church and each family running smoothly.

You are probably sure by now that you don’t have the ideal pastor. Take heart! You can easily re-shape your present pastor. He should listen to what you say, after all, he is God’s servant.

On the other hand, if you happen to have the ideal pastor, just wait a little while and you won’t. He’ll be confined to a room at the hospital.

There is an alternative: love the pastor you do have and pray for him. You prayed, God answered, and now you have him – at least until he finds the ideal church full of ideal church members.


Young Pastor Responds To “Graying And Balding “Of The SBC.

May 4, 2009

Dr.Dwight Easler is the pastor of Corinth Baptist church in Gaffeny S.C. He is qualified educationally,spiritually and emotionally to serve in our South Carolina Baptist state convention.His credentials as a loyal,supportive Southern Baptist are inpeccible.It is my hope that he and other young men in our state convention will be considered this year to serve in positions and on boards that will make a difference in our State convention.For too long the committee on committees has been a part of the ‘good old boy’system and it is time to move on in a new direction.Recently Dr.Easler wrote this article on his blog..pastorinthewoods. NEXT?”

Baptist Courier Article: “With Graying of the SBC leadership, what next?”


Butch Blume’s article in the Baptists Courier was very informative about the growing issue of gray hair among our SCBC leadership. I am 36 now and would like to think I am still a young pastor. In 11 years as a pastor, I have not sought, nor have I been asked to take part in denominational leadership beyond the associational level so this article sparked my interest.


 Peter Beck said, “We need to identify and enlist (not reward) the up and coming leaders who will lead our denomination for the next 30 to 40 years.”  I agree with this statement but I have a few questions for us to consider:


  • How will the SCBC identify and enlist up and coming leaders?

Commentary – I would bet the committee in charge of nominations looks at yearly annuals of giving and baptisms as a primary resource. You will not find the struggling  new seminary graduate in his first church in a book of reports.

  • How can serving the convention be considered a reward?

Commentary- I have never liked business and administration that much. If that is the way it has been viewed, no wonder attendance is falling. If the SCBC wants to recruit young people then show them how they can invest their lives in the kingdom through sacrificial service. Pastors like me could care less about padding our resume.


  • How will the SCBC define up and coming?

Commentary: We will wait and see about this. Up and coming most often means either “high profile with a lot of face time” or “ a non traditionalist who tells us continuously that if we do not follow the pattern of their new tradition then we are stuck in the 50’s”


  • How will the convention deal with the increase of post modern pastors and leaders who declare themselves outside the bounds of denominational loyalty and who want to be considered unconventional? 

Commentary: The convention is falling all over itself to recognize these leaders who step out of the box and form new traditions. They are declared to be pioneers, visionaries, and unconventional powerhouses.  All the while they downplay or simply ignore a multitude of young pastors who are serving and preaching faithfully in so called “traditional” churches. I celebrate the work of  many who are reaching people in fresh new ways. However, the convention must also recognize that there are young leaders working in established churches who have contributions to make as well.


When we adapt to the culture where we are called and determine that we are going to make positive change what are we considered to be?



There are others questions that this article brings to mind that I will possibly deal with later. I am interested in seeing if this is idle or serious talk from our convention leadership.

How To Attract Young Pastors To Attend The S.C.Baptist Convention.

May 1, 2009

Why do so many 40 and under pastors in S.C.avoid the SCBSC in nov?Evidently,in the words of the sheriff in the movie,Cool hand Luke,who said right before he killed Luke,”What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

I would suggest that there may be several relative,innovative,current,nonoffensive,nonthreatening,positive,ways to attract our young pastors in SC.

1.At our convention in November,have our current president,Rudy Gray,spike his hair.

2.Make sure that all speakers refer to us who are sitting in the auditorium as Dudes,Guys,or Gang.

3.Instead of saying,”Amen”,say WOW!And then have everyone to say it backwards,WOW!

4.Have leaders at the convention to encourage all pastors to “get in touch”with their feminine side.

5.Use crude language like the hero of many young pastors,Perry Noble,who recently wrote on his blog about a sunday service,”We kicked Satan in his nuts sunday.”

6.Change the names of all committees and boards to “Creative,visionary,multigenerational,gifted teams.”

7.Give a new title to Jim Austin..”Coach.”

8.Have a special room reserved at the convention for pastors 40 and younger.Serve them donuts and Starbucks coffee.Provide lap top computers for them to use  during boring,irrelevent buisness meetings about the CP Program.

9.At the end of the first session,ask all of the out of touch,traditional pastors to remove their neck ties.At the end of the second session have a neck tie burning outside in the parking lot.

10.Send out a memo to all speakers to use the word “Cool”at every opportunity when they are at the platform.

11.Have Wayne Dickard to lead us in a modern day “Christian rap song.”

12.Say a lot about money for new church starts and very little about the CP.

13.Change the name of the SC Baptist Building to the”Journey Building.”

14.At the end of the last session give an opportunity for all of the old,out of touch,irrelevent,traditional,stuck in the 1950’s pastors to come to the platform and apologize to all pastors 40 and under for our committment to the CP,and for wearing dress suits on sunday.Put a note on the stand before us that says,”Make sure your voice breaks when you beg forgiveness for not sitting on a stool when you preach.”And when you confess your sin of singing out of the Baptist hymnal,having an out of date choir,along with a piano and organ,start weeping and wailing.

I’ll see you in november.I’ll be the one with a clip on tie,white socks with dark slacks and brown shoes.