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Dr. Bill PooreDr. Bill Poore

I am a native of Charleston,S.C.My wife Patsy and I have been married for 40 years.We have two sons,Jay(deceased)and Steve and we have two grandaughters,Dixie and Haley.
I am a graduate of Tennesse Temple University,Luther Rice Seminary and The Southern Baptist Center of Biblical Studies.
While pastor of Good Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest,N.C. I worked in the Supervised ministry program as a facilitater with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.
In 2005 I retired from the full time pastorate.Since April Of 2005,I have been the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Lancaster,S.C.

On April 12,2009,I retired for the second time.Covenant Baptist church in Lancaster,S.C. will be our church home.


22 Comments on “Dr. Bill Poore’s Profile”

  1. Steve Says:

    Hey Bill, just found your blog. I’ll be reading ya! Steve

  2. Bill,

    Thanks for the comment. I have enjoyed Luther Rice so far and look forward to the day when I graduate. The studies have helped me immeasurably in my ministry.

    God Bless, Sam.

  3. Greg Bailey Says:

    Hey Bill:
    When were you at Good Hope? I was at SEBTS from 96-00. Lived out on Old Keith Lane (Old 98) off NC 98 between WF and Durham. Stony Hill area.

  4. Gregg,
    From 1992 to 1998.Thats an eternity in Eastern,N.C.
    At SEBTS I worked with Julian Motley.He was a real blessing and help to me.

  5. Greg Bailey Says:

    Well, sorry I didn’t know you were there. We were at Cornerstone (old Community Baptist building) and Wake Crossroads. Would have loved to have had a pastor who read and thought about Packer when in seminary.
    Believe me, you’d rather be in the Triangle than in Richmond…strange place. All the shallowness or the South and the Midatlantic with few of the virtues. I am really looking forward to returning to SC…looks like Summerville.
    Grace Alone,

  6. Greg Bailey Says:

    Yes, I agree, Julian Motley is a great man. I wish we had more opportunities to learn from him before the Guided Ministry classes.

  7. Peppy DuTart seems to be doing well in Summerville at Crossroads Community church.

  8. Greg Bailey Says:

    Don’t know him. Crossroads had grown off of Summerville Baptist before I got there in 92. We will probably be going to Monks Corner to Grace Comm Baptist or to one of the Founders Friendly churches on 61 heading to West Ashley.

  9. My first church was in the Screven Association.The church was First Baptist Cordesville,route 3,Moncks Corner.

  10. Gregg,
    Are you going to Pastor a church there or just moving.

  11. Greg Bailey Says:

    Just moving. Lived there from 92-96 before going to SEBTS (Summerville Baptist). I am not ordained and … long story. Would love to be an associate or pastor a small church. My full-time ministry experience was in Spartanbur Regional as a full-time + chaplain for 2 years. I have done a good bit of discipleship, teaching and supply. We are actually going to move in with the kids (my step daughter and her family) for a short time. In 6 months, we can pay off all our debt, build 3-4 months savings and be ready to go wherever God wishes with no encumberances.
    Grace Alone,

  12. Hey Bill and Patsy,
    I just found your blog and am thrilled. There are very short spans of time that yallls’ names don’t come up around our household. We still miss your friendship, guidance, sermons, odd sense of humor, wisdom and driving stories and woes. It is really cool to have access to some of that again. I will be checking it out. We were so sorry to learn about the death of your son in January. I know that was a difficult time to say the least. Your grandaughter Haley is precious as I am sure you already know. How sweet Grand Children are. Someone told me they are the reward God gives you for not killing your children when they are teenagers. I think there is some truth there. Well for now – great to find you on the web. Yall take care!!

    In Him,
    David and Rhonda Lester

  13. Great to hear from you guys.Many times I have told how you gave me a basket of fruit and said in a note,”Thanks for teaching me how to bear fruit.”That was a great encourgment to me at that time.”
    I hope you will stop be the web-sight often.

  14. greg bailey Says:

    Thank you Bill. It was not very nice of me, I appreciate your eraser.

  15. cbgrace Says:

    Hi, I just wondered onto your site…

  16. Greg Bailey Says:

    Hey Bill:
    If you get this this evening could you please email me at greg.bailey@suntrust.com?
    If not, I will email you from home where I think I have your address.
    Greg Bailey

  17. Gloria Says:

    Hello Bill,I can tell by looking at your website that you know very little about God,Jesus or the Holy Spirit.I can also tell that you have no respect for many of God’s servants and have no problem with bearing false witness and misinterpreting and spreading idle gossip on your site.You sicken me.You hypocrite! Who do you think you are? With all your degrees you are ignorant. And you think you can teach and answer peoples questions?What a joke you are,but not at all funny.I feel sorry for the poor people who would look to you for advice.Remember that pride goeth before a fall and you are headed right for one,a fall that is. I hope you learn from it and that you remember that you were warned. You are probably too much of a coward to post my comment you viper,I believe that is what Jesus called people like you.

  18. Hello Gloria,
    Thanks for stopping by the hottub.Your positive,uplifting comments are what makes me want to get up every morning and face a new day.

  19. Sam Maddox Says:

    Hi Bill, I only just heard about your blog and was pretty torn up over Gloria’s epiphany-inducing pearls of wisdom. I feel as though the past 25 years of my life have been a fraud, as you’ve been a person whose theological knowledge has been beyond reproach and the person to whom I have always directed my biggest religious inquiries. Now I see that all those times you appeared to be an inquisitive, introspective religious scholar, that you’re really just a charlatan. Wow, 25 years of my life you had me fooled!

    Seriously, I think, Bill, that you’ve given me the biggest spiritual gift in that you always have made me feel that it’s permissible to ask questions about faith, the Bible, and the nature of God. Some people feel that to ask questions is to be doubtful. You’ve always communicated to me that to ask questions is to be engaged. For that I am grateful.

    Perhaps Gloria’s WWJD bracelet is cutting off the blood circulation to her brain? Do feel free to delete this last part; I don’t think that was a very loving question for me to posit.

    Much love to you.

  20. Ronnie Says:

    Bill, I stumbled across your website as it was linked to a friend of mine’s website. I decided to read through some of your old blogs, particularly the one about women in ministry… You seem to not recall the part about “Husband of one wife” Exactly how can you be a woman and a husband.
    I also read the one about the issue with the music director… My question to you is why couldnt you just ask the music director why the invitation hymn was left out? Maybe that could have lead to a conversation about your expectations and the music director’s expections and just perhaps you could have cut off the issue before there was even one.
    While I find your blog and interesting read, I am just wondering what happens if anyone disagrees with you. Thank you. Have a great day in the Lord.

  21. Ron,
    When someone disagrees with me,I respect them and realize that they could be right and I could be wrong.Thank you for your comments.

  22. Greg Bailey Says:

    One might ask the music director “why so sensitive about turf?” I spent 12 months planning and leading worship for a church in VA. I always knew that whatever I did could be changed by the pastor before bulletin or during the service. It isn’t my service and the pastor/elder is responsible for the conducting the service. He may delegate to me, but he is responsible.
    In Christ Alone,
    We are kind of doing this in the wrong place, eh?

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