Worry! Worry! Worry!


In Romans 8 Paul declares that he will not fear what is happening today and what may happen tomorrow. He will not be a prisoner to his fears. Many people are immobolized today by what might happen or by what could happen.Some of our fears are utterly ridiculous and yet they have an immobolizing effect upon us.

Barry Segal, who was a writer for the L.A.Times years ago points out that while we are worrying about things like a nuclear exchange between the super powers and the effects of pesticides that may poision us…while we are worrying about these things there are catastrophes  just lurking beneath the surface that we’re not even thinking about.

He lists some of them:

For example: If everyone keeps saving their National geographic magazines in garages and attics instead of throwing them away, the sheer weight of the cumulation of these magazines is going to sink the North American continent a hundred feet below water.

He further points out that if visitors to the beach keep returning home with as much sand clinging to their shoes as they have in the past…that in ten years eighty per-cent of the coast line will disappear.

And the most helpful part of his writings concerns the danger of pickles,the common ordinary pickles that we eat.

He says for instance that 96% of all communist sympathizers eat pickles.

Ninety nine per-cent of all automobile accidents involve people who have eaten pickles.

He also says that documented data reveals that all those persons born in 1839 who ate pickles are now dead.

And all this pickle research has been confirmed by feeding rats twenty five pounds of pickles for 30 days and all of them ended up with bulging stomachs and loss of appetite.

On the basis of very little information we can imagine all kinds of dangers and trends…Real or imagined.

We need the comfort of Romans.8:35-39.

1.God is on our side.

2.Our commitment in life is to Christ…not circumstances.

3.Nothing can seperate us from His love.

Now, go eat some pickles!

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