How free is free will?

Free-will without God’s grace is not free at all, but is the permanent prisoner and bondslave of evil,since it cannot turn itself to good.(Martin Luther).

Here is the crucial issue: whether God is the author,not merely of justification,but also of faith.(J.I.Packer and O.R.Johnston).

When the will is enchained as the slave of sin,it cannot make a movement towards goodness,far less steadily pursue it.(John Calvin).

If the case be such indeed,that all mankind are by nature in a state of ruin…then doubtless,the great salvation of Christ stands in direct relation to this ruin,as the remedy to the disease.(Jonathan Edwards).

It was by the evil use of his free -will that man destroyed both it and himself.(Augustine)

Then there are the arminian views which unfortunately are accepted by so many in the S.B.C.

Though divine persuasion be limitless,it still remains persuasion,and so when a decision is secured for Christ in the inividual he exercises his own will apart from even a shadow of constraint.(Lewis Sperry Chafer)

If the nature is sinful,in such a sense that action must necessarly be sinful…then sin in action must be a calamity,and can be no crime,since the will has nothing to do with it.(Charles Finney).According to Finney regeneration consists in a change in the attitude of the will or in its ultimate choice,intention,or preference.

If anyone says that man’s free will {when} moved and aroused by God,by assenting to God…in no way cooperates {and} that it cannot refuse its assent if it wishes…let him be anathema! (Council of Trent).

All unregenerate persons have freedom of will,and a capability of resisting the Holy Spirit,of rejecting the proffered grace of God…and of not opening to Him who knocks at the door of the heart;and these things they can actually do. (James Arminius).

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