Statements Overheard by The Pastor Search Committee

My favorite story about pastor search committees is about one committee of seven seated in church ready to hear the pastor’s sermon.A lady who was a member of the church sitting in the pew behind the committee leaned over and said,”We hope you get him.”

I want to list some conversations that you might hear if you could listen in as a search committee interviews a prospective pastor.

1.Number one on the list is:We just want a pastor to love us.Now what they probally mean by this is,”Our last pastor was an old meany.”

2.We are looking,not just for a preacher,but we want a pastor as well.(Be sure and ask what they mean by that with a Biblical answer).

3.Our church desires a pastor who will connect with the young people.(They mean by that,will you go to six flags on a saturday with them?)

4.It is important to our committee that the pastor’s wife not work outside the home.( In other words,she will be like an unpaid associate pastor).

5.Our search committee would be interested to know how you feel about a job description for a pastor.(Your answer should be:That’s a great idea.Let’s consult the pastoral epistles for our guidelines).

6.Pastor,will you share with us what your weaknesses are? (Yes I will,if everyone in this room will do the same.Since you are the chairperson,why don’t you start?)

7.Our attendance in church has dropped of drastically.What would be the first thing,in your opinion,that we should do?(Repent and return to your first love).

8.What would you do to reach inactive members of our church?( I would write a letter of apology asking for their forgiveness for not practising church disipline and ask the deacons to sign it).

9.Our last pastor would often blow his nose while preaching and then look into his handkerchief.What would you do? (I would not look at it).

10.Pastor,do you drink wine? No,but after meeting with you,I think I’ll start right now!

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2 Comments on “Statements Overheard by The Pastor Search Committee”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Others that implicate:

    1. Does your wife dress modestly in public. ( Translation— The last pastors wife laid out in the sun behind the parsonage.

    2. Would you consider cutting the CP if we could not pay our light bill. (Translation: We give 45% to the CP and can barely pay our light bill.)

  2. pastorinthewoods,
    Back in the early 1970-1975 period I was asked…..
    1.What would you say if a black man and a white woman asked you to marry them?
    2.What would you do if blacks showed up for worship on sunday?
    Both questions were asked in Charleston,SC where the civil war started.

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