Pastor:It’s Time to Move….When…

When Ronald Reagan succeeded Edmund G.Brown as governer of Californian in 1967,Brown gave this advice to Reagan:”There is a passage in War and Peace that every new governor with a big majority should tack on his office wall.In Count Rostov,after weeks as the toast of elegant farewell parties,gallops off on his first cavalry charge and finds real bullets snapping at his ears.’Why,they are shooting at me,’he says, ‘Me,whom everyone loves!”

Pastor,you might as well know up front,that the man out front,whether he is leading a cavalry charge or a Christian church is going to get shot at.Paul W.Powell in his book,”Basic Bible Sermons on Handling Conflict”,(Broadman Press) said,Perhaps that’s why Snoopy,in the comic strip “Peanuts,”said, “I hate being head beagle.” Conflict and criticism are a part of the leadership package—no matter who the head beagle is.

There are times when a pastor should stay……and there are times to move on..

You may know that it’s time to move when….

1.Your people are constantly ‘Bitching.’

2.Your people are ‘Snitching’about other members.

3.No one is ‘Listening.’ Word falls only on hard hearts.

4.Your music director is ‘Swishing’ when he walks.

5.Most of your congregation is ‘Missing’ on Sunday.

6.Your wife is ‘Whistling’ at the prospect of moving.

7.The church that has your resume is ‘Wishing’ that you would come.

8.You are constantly ‘Itching.’You have a spirit of agonizing un-rest.

9.A re-tired pastor is ‘Whispering’ that he may become interim pastor when you leave.

10.Your face is ‘Glistening’ when a pastor search committee shows up.

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One Comment on “Pastor:It’s Time to Move….When…”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:


    This may be your funneist and most insightful yet.

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