KKK:Kulhman;Ken Copeland;Ken Hagin,and Benny Hinn

Joni writes about the false teaching of so called “Divine healers”,in the word faith movement.http://www.forgottenword.org/joni.html


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6 Comments on “KKK:Kulhman;Ken Copeland;Ken Hagin,and Benny Hinn”

  1. thomastwitchell Says:

    Let’s see, she goes to speak at the Crystal Cathedral, owned and operated by a positive confessionalist and heretic is other areas, then disses other word faith teachers whose beliefs are not much different that his?

  2. Thomas,
    You are exactly right.I have to agree with you.

  3. chadwick Says:


    Well spoken in your “humble” reply to Thomas. You are living out John 3:30 well! 8)

  4. thomastwitchell Says:


    I have the greatest respect for Joni. She is solid in her Reformed views. She is by far not the only Reformed person who has spoken at the CC. It is a great forum. I thought the message that Mark Driscoll delivered there was super and cut at right angles to the CC pattended self-esteem boosting platform. I haven’t listened to Joni’s presentation there. But, I am sure it was quite sound.

    My problem is the associative endorsement. Of course, that wouldn’t slow the CC down, but it might put a crimp in their appeal to marginal Christians. CC material was always on display at the church I used to attend. So were N.V.Peale’s. Then too, there was great affinity for Osteen in “mature” believers.

    That’s all, and yes, hottub was very gratious. I am glad that he didn’t take it as a drive-by trying to stir controversy. In any sense, he responded with gentleness and as you said a sense of humility often lacking in others. Something I need to be basted in.

  5. chadwick Says:


    (Speaking from a breaking voice) 😉 I am used to hottub’s scathing reactions, of which I have been a victim from numerous altercations. For so long, hottub’s (sometimes malicious) comments (to all who try to correct him when he is in error) have been the antonym of humility.

  6. Chadwick,
    A wise old owl lived in an oak,
    the more he knew,the less he spoke,
    the more he spoke,the less he knew
    and this same truth applies to you.

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