Prediction:Ronnie Floyd to replace Morris Chapman.

Hottubreligion’s editor of the Baptist Co-hear has just announced that mega pastor,Ronnie Floyd will be the new Chief executive officer of the Southern Baptist’s executive committee  in September,2010.Floyd will replace Morris Chapman who has been frightened into retirement by the Great commission resurgence team led by Arminians,Floyd and Hunt.

Ronnie Floyd is imminently qualified to lead our convention back to the pre 1925 era before the C.P. became the means of supporting our convention financially.Floyd’s church gives almost nothing to the C.P.and like his hero,Hunt proclaims that it is the dollar amount(pre-1925 plan) that is given to the C.P. that will rescue our failing and fallen convention.

Floyd will,no doubt,have the full endorsement of  former calvinists,Tom Ascol  and flaming Arminian,Jimmy Carter.

So…Good bye Chapman and hello Floyd!!

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