Robert Murray McCHENE:Gospel to a dying man.

Robert Murray McCheyne in his diary shows how a good physician goes about his most delicate and critical work.He makes six visits to talk with a sinner about his soul.

Thomas Tyrie,Step row,lowest ‘land’,ill of consumption for five years.Takes opium.

Visted,12 Dec.1836–Debate about hell and annihilation.I spoke of Lost sheep.He attentive.Has read his Bible,rather to cavil at it.Neigbors came in.

Visited,19 Dec.—-He has been asking often for me.I spoke on lost piece.He still attentive,and consents to the whole truth.

Visited,20 Dec,—-Spoke on Proverbs 1:Turn your heart at my reproof.He was sleepier than usual;yet ‘corroborated’all,as he said.

Visited 22 Dec.——Shared…the Lord opened Lydia’s heart.He was more attentive.He said that a great change had taken place,and spoke of his peace within during these two weeks.Still speaks through opium,but wonderfully sensible.

Visited 28 Dec——Spoke on Christ a substitute.Explained the whole gospel,and pressed it on him.Strangely sensible answers.Who knows but there may be some work of the Spirit here?He says that his views of his own heart and of Christ are both changed.

Visited,31 Dec.Found his cold remains wrapped up;and Margaret crying.Died on friday morning,30 Dec.,before light;no one saw him die.Thus ends this short but interesting history.There was certainly a wonderful change in the man.He took to his Bible,before unread;spoke with interest of his soul and of the Saviour;was glad of my visits,and squeezed my hand always with affection.But whether or not there was a work of grace the Day shall declare.

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