Telling The Truth Interestingly..

Dear Speaker:

The world has never gotten over its likin’ of the truth.I’ve been a member of a church now for more’n fifty years.We must have had twenty pastors or more.I don’t know for sure.None of ’em stayed very long.Everyone of them told the truth.In fact they could bore you for hours on end with the truth.There was one out of the whole bunch that we really wanted to keep.He told the truth interestingly.One time he put on a bathrobe and played like he was King David.Sure was interesting.Another time he played like he was the innkeeper in Bethlehem.Then one time he smeared his face with soot——–sure looked strange——–and told us he was Job.We all knew better and he knew we did,but I never really understood the book of Job til that sermon.One time he dressed up in a white robe and came in the back of the auditorium carrying a sign.He told us he was an Archangel.He seemed so convinced,we believed him.Darndest thing,he’d do per’t near’t anything to keep our attention.He always did.Big church down in Chattanooga hire him away from us.The good’uns always seem to get away.

They arrested a man over by Greenville the other day.They threw him in jail.He was walking around town in a white robe,carrying a sign that said”THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END.”I  don’t know why they arrested him.Most everybody believed he was right.As I saw it,he was telling the truth interestingly.Last week my preacher preached on that very thing.The way he told that same truth wasn’t all that interesting.They might have locked up the wong man.

It sure seems important to me to tell the truth interestingly.Not too many people do it.A bunch of us who listen to your sermons are wishing you’d do it.You might try the white robe and sign routine.Just don’t go outside.

-Your audience.(from Calvin Miller,The Empowered Communicator,page 134).

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