Tom and Johnny in agreement.

Tom Ascol on the Founders blog explains why he signed the Great Commission Resurgence Declaration and why he now thinks that Johnny Hunt is “The real deal”for such a time as this in our SBC.(Founders Ministries is a group striving for reform within the SBC to get us back to our more Calvinistic theological roots).

Tom set me straight when I suggested that he and Johnny,the real deal,Hunt probably disagreed on some major doctrinal issues.Shockingly,Tom informed me that he and Johnny agreed on the substitutionary death of Christ.

Now if that is true,I must assume that Johnny,the real deal Hunt,would agree with James P.Boyce who in his book on Abstract Of Systematic Theology said,”The Calvinistic theory of the atonement is,that in the sufferings and death of Christ,he incurred the penalty of the sins of those whose substitute he was,so that he made a real satisfaction to the justice of God for the law which they had broken.On this account,God pardons all their sins,and being fully reconciled to them,his electing love flows out freely towards them.(page.317)

“Let me be the first to welcome Johnny,”The real deal”,Hunt to the Calvinist,founders membership.

I was also thrilled to hear that Tom,Johnny and Joel Osteen fully agree on the great commandment and the great commission.It is refreshing to know also that Tom and Johnny agree that there is an Old Testament and a New Testament and added together there are 66 books in the Bible.

Be alert to a rumor that at next years SB Convention,Joel Osteen will speak at the Founders breakfast.He may speak on this subject,”We agree on more things than we disagree on.”Strive to be a better you.The closing song will be,”God can take your frown and turn it upside down into a smile.”.

See Richard’s comment below.

Blogger RichardS said…
Quote from Tom: “Johnny Hunt and I agree on the deity & exclusivity of Christ, necessity of new birth, repentance and faith, substitutionary atonement, authority of Scripture, the great commandment and the great commission.”

RS: Without trying to be disagreeable, I believe the official Roman Catholic position would aree with all of those things as well. It is not enough to believe those things in words, but one must believe in them with a specific content. One can have vast disagreements hidden by agreements with the words. If there is a disagreement over the Gospel, then how can there be an agreement on the Great Commission? If there is a true disagreement over the Doctrines of Grace, can there be any real agreement over repentance and faith?

Quoting Tom: “I have not given up one doctrinal conviction by supporting the GCR, nor have I been asked to do so.”

RS: There is a difference between not giving up doctrinal convictions and yet stating the truth of the character of God and of the Gospel. It is easy to get people to agree to words when the content is not spelled out.

We are quick to condemn those who are quick to judge others as unbelievers, but surely we must be at least as careful in assuming that others are brothers. But this all leads back to some very important issues. Just how important are the Doctrines of Grace? Are these doctrines necessary to the Gospel of grace and the God of grace? Are they vital or simply an addendum to other things? This is a very important issue.

7:01 PM, May 10, 2009

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One Comment on “Tom and Johnny in agreement.”

  1. D.Martin Lloyd Jones has observed,”We must all regard schism as a grievous sin.”
    He added this word of caution,however:But having said that,one must also point out that there is obviously great confusion,and much disagreement,as to what constitutes unity,as to what is the nature of unity,and as to how unity is to be obtained and preserved.

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