Young Pastor Responds To “Graying And Balding “Of The SBC.

Dr.Dwight Easler is the pastor of Corinth Baptist church in Gaffeny S.C. He is qualified educationally,spiritually and emotionally to serve in our South Carolina Baptist state convention.His credentials as a loyal,supportive Southern Baptist are inpeccible.It is my hope that he and other young men in our state convention will be considered this year to serve in positions and on boards that will make a difference in our State convention.For too long the committee on committees has been a part of the ‘good old boy’system and it is time to move on in a new direction.Recently Dr.Easler wrote this article on his blog..pastorinthewoods. NEXT?”

Baptist Courier Article: “With Graying of the SBC leadership, what next?”


Butch Blume’s article in the Baptists Courier was very informative about the growing issue of gray hair among our SCBC leadership. I am 36 now and would like to think I am still a young pastor. In 11 years as a pastor, I have not sought, nor have I been asked to take part in denominational leadership beyond the associational level so this article sparked my interest.


 Peter Beck said, “We need to identify and enlist (not reward) the up and coming leaders who will lead our denomination for the next 30 to 40 years.”  I agree with this statement but I have a few questions for us to consider:


  • How will the SCBC identify and enlist up and coming leaders?

Commentary – I would bet the committee in charge of nominations looks at yearly annuals of giving and baptisms as a primary resource. You will not find the struggling  new seminary graduate in his first church in a book of reports.

  • How can serving the convention be considered a reward?

Commentary- I have never liked business and administration that much. If that is the way it has been viewed, no wonder attendance is falling. If the SCBC wants to recruit young people then show them how they can invest their lives in the kingdom through sacrificial service. Pastors like me could care less about padding our resume.


  • How will the SCBC define up and coming?

Commentary: We will wait and see about this. Up and coming most often means either “high profile with a lot of face time” or “ a non traditionalist who tells us continuously that if we do not follow the pattern of their new tradition then we are stuck in the 50’s”


  • How will the convention deal with the increase of post modern pastors and leaders who declare themselves outside the bounds of denominational loyalty and who want to be considered unconventional? 

Commentary: The convention is falling all over itself to recognize these leaders who step out of the box and form new traditions. They are declared to be pioneers, visionaries, and unconventional powerhouses.  All the while they downplay or simply ignore a multitude of young pastors who are serving and preaching faithfully in so called “traditional” churches. I celebrate the work of  many who are reaching people in fresh new ways. However, the convention must also recognize that there are young leaders working in established churches who have contributions to make as well.


When we adapt to the culture where we are called and determine that we are going to make positive change what are we considered to be?



There are others questions that this article brings to mind that I will possibly deal with later. I am interested in seeing if this is idle or serious talk from our convention leadership.

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5 Comments on “Young Pastor Responds To “Graying And Balding “Of The SBC.”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Thanks Dr. hottub for the kind words.

    While I stand by my words concerning this issue, I did not say them for political purposes. I just want to see many of my peers in ministry who have worked faithfully for years in “average” churches involved in the discussion in the SCBC. That may or may not include me.

    While I do not believe the “children” should be in charge, if the SCBC is interested in involving younger leadership it should be balanced in its approach.

  2. chadwick Says:


    You are robbing pastaindahood of readership. You should just post a link to his place. Thanks to you ‘cutting & pasting’ his work on your blog, your readers will have no need to travel to his place. 😯

  3. chadwick Says:


    You are a super-star blogger. You have a padded lead in hits . . . you are over 10,000 ahead of me. It’s OK for you to rob me . . . but, hottub, poor pastaindahood needs all the hits he can get. He is on the verge of putting Gaffney, SC on the map!

  4. Due to his lack of experience,hottub will offically shut down on Tuesday,may 5.I encourage all of my readers to go to pastorinthewoods and
    So long,

  5. You guys are incredible! Hottub if you retire where will I go for satirical wisdom?

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