Romans.8:28.The mystery of suffering.God Works all things.Part.3.

Rom.8.:28.We know that for those who love God—He is working.He is ceaselessly,energetically and purposefully active on their behalf.(Stott).

1.The Certainty of the promise…We know.

2.The Completeness of the promise..All things.

3.The Cause of it.Why does it happen?God works.

Things that are happening in themselves are not working together by themselves.Where God does not rule,He over rules.God is the one who brings order out of confusion.God brings harmony out of discord.It was God who brought a cosmos out of a chaos.All things working together for good is not done by you.There is a God in the heavens.God causes all things to work together.not just for the sake of them working together…but He is the cause of things working together for our good.

Many years ago when you went to a Doctor,he would diagnose your case.He would then write you a prescription and you would take it to the drug store.The pharmacist would take something off this shelf..out of the bottle and then he would take something else off of another shelf and mix it ..all together.Maybe just one of those things taken by themselves would poison you.But when blended and mixed,the exact amount…He gives it to you and that medicine begins to work for your good.When you get it as a whole,when it has been makes all things work that you take then for your good.

Bread has flour,but flour is not the bread.Bread has milk,but milk is not the bread.Bread has baking soda,but baking soda is not the bread.Bread has salt and hot water.But salt and hot water is not bread.But when you take  the hot water and the flour,baking soda,milk,and salt,all mixed  and blended in together and then stuffed into the oven and taken out of the fire…You have good old bread.

And so it is with your life.Think about your life.If there were no struggles—just success all the time.If it was happiness all the time.We would become so intoxicated and drunk in joy.If it were misery all the time we would soon be led to a state of helplessness and despair.But what does God do?He takes the joy and the misery,The storm and the calm,the sunshine and the rain,the ups and the downs….all of these and mixes them together by the great Mixer and they work out for our good.

It takes somebody behind the scenes to see to it that all things work out for good.And that someone is our Heavenly Father and His watch care over us is so super fantastic that whatever happens in our lives as believers is no accident.There are no coinsidences.It is there by God’s providence and everything that happens to us is completely in his hands.Everything from dropping a spoon or spending a life time on a sick bed is in God’s control.Bad things,trials,tribulations,illnesses,accidents,disappointments,even failures are..all regulated by God.Everything from the tiniest temptation to the worst Satanic attack from the devil himself is regulated by God.

This is God’s purpose,God’s plan,God’s resolve,God’s will,and when God decides to do anything,it is God who sustains it.It is God who controls everything.

No event connected with the end in view,can fly beyond the bounds of His providence.He,however,is very explicit in asserting His control of all occurances,either by His positive or permissive decrees.”See now that I,even I,am he,and there is no god with me:I kill and I make alive;I wound and I heal.”(Deut.32:39).”The lord killeth and maketh alive;He bringeth down to the grave,and he bringeth up.The Lord maketh poor and maketh rich:He bringeth low,and he lifteth up.”(1.Sam.2:6,7).He doeth according to His will in the army of heaven,and among the inhabitants of the earth;and none can stay His hand or say unto Him,what doest thou.”(Dan.4:35).”Shall there be evil in the city and the Lord hath not done it”?(Amos.3:6).

No matter how sore your trials may be,they can be traced directly or indirectly to the will of God.Why He permits them is another question,and what Christians are to do,when suffering,is a question of very great importance in these difficult days.


1.We know..

2.All things.

3.God Works together.

And we know that for those who love God…He is working on their behalf.

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