Romans.8:28..All Things.

Romans.8:28.Part two.

And we…”Know”part one…The certainty of  this promise.

And we know…”All things.”work together.part two.

1.The certainy of this promise.We know.

2.The completeness of this promise.All things.

ALL is the key word.There is some debate as to whether”All “is limited to the immediate context or is it much broader than that.

 Charles Hodge in his commentary on Romans writes,”All things,as is usually the case with such general expressions,is to be limited to the things spoken of in the context,i.e.,the sufferings of the present time,v.18.

W.H.Griffith Thomas  seems to give a broader interpertation.He writes,”There is the comprehensiveness of the working.”All things work.”Some people are fond of distinguishing between general and particular providences,and seeing God’s hand in the great events and not in the smaller details of life;but the true Christian soul refuses to think of anything as outside the direct or else the permissive will of his Heavenly Father.”

Puritan John Trapp gives an even wider scope to ”All things.He said in his commentary on the New Testament,”All things work together.Not affliction only,as some would restrain it,but sin,Satan,all.”

John Stott,in my opinion,says it best,”God works for our good in all things.The NIV translation understands panta(all things)not as the object of the verb(God works everything for good)but as an accusitive of respects(in everything God works for good)Either way,’all things’ include the sufferings of v.17.’Thus all that is negative in this life is seen to have a positive purpose in the execution of God’s eternal plan.Nothing is beyond the overruling,overriding scope of his providence.”

William Plummer explains,’All things’this way,”The Bible does not say that each thing works seperately,but that all things work together.Two of the bitterest substances known to nature,when chemically combined,make a sweet product.Are you a child of sorrow?Are you perplexed?Are you cast down?Verse 28 covers all your case.Not a point is omitted.”

John Trapp said something similiar,”The drinking of that wine wherein a viper hath been drowned,cureth the leprosy.The scorpion healeth his own wounds,and the viper(the head and tail being cut off)beaten and applied cureth her own biting.God changeth our grisly wounds into spangles of beauty,and maketh the horrible sting of Satan to be like a pearl pin,to pin upon us the long white robe of Christ,and to dress us with the garment of gladness.”

The sorrowing and silent and submissive children of our Father who trust in the person and promise of Rom.8:28 shall soon find to their everlasting joy,that,

”They also serve who only stand and wait.”

”I cannot say,

Beneath the pressure of life’s care today,

I joy in these:

But I can say

That I had rather walk this rugged way,

If Him it please.

I cannot feel

That all is well when dark’ning clouds conceal

That shining sun:

But then I know

God lives and loves;and say it is so,

‘Thy will be done.’

I cannot speak

In happy tones;the tear-drops on my cheek

Show I am sad

But I can speak

of grace to suffer with submission meek.

Until made glad.

I do not see

Why God should e’en pemit some things to be,

When he is love;

But I can see

Though often dimly,through the mystery,

His hand above,

I may not try

To keep the hot tears back;but hush that sigh,

‘It might have been;

And try to still

Each rising murmer,and to God’s sweet will


There are three passages of scripture that shed light on how God can use ”All things” for our…good.

(1)Jeremiah.24:5.Thus saith the LORD,the God of Israel;Like these good figs,so will I acknowledge them that are carried away captive of Judah,whom I have sent out of this place into the land of the Chaldeans…..for their good.Judah…in captivity…for their good.

(2)Gen.50:20.But as for you,you thought evil against me;but God meant it unto …good,to bring to pass,as it is this day,to save much people alive.

(3).Psalm.119:71.It is good for me that I have been afflicted;that I might learn thy statues.

Anybody in a state of sorrow?Anybody here under the gun?Anybody here hurting?Can you say that it is for good?It takes a lot of faith to say that,but that’s what David said.You see,God had to get David’s attention and so what God taught David when he was afflicted was more than what God could teach him when he was…well.Sometimes God has to put you on the sick bed of affliction because a sick bed will teach you more than a sermon can teach you.And now that he had been on a bed of affliction and looked back on it he says,”It is good for me that I have been afflicted;that I might learn thy statutes.

In these 3 passages..all things are working together.There is a completion.

You may be like Joseph,suffering at the hand of your brethren.You may be like David,afflicted in your body.You may be like Judah in captivity.But all the powerful things that can happen to you if you are a Christian and if you believe and receive of God about your life are included in the ”all things”of Romans.8:28.

Picture a jig-saw puzzle.It has many different pieces,but it pictures life…because it has all sizes,all shapes and these pieces are literally disconnected.There are some big pieces,some little pieces.Some are curved at the edges.Others are straight at ends.Some pieces are smooth ends and others are jagged ends.Some are sharp in size.Others are circular in size.You have whole pieces and broken pieces in a jig-saw puzzel.Then if you keep working at it and you don’t throw away any of the pieces,you will soon discover that each fragment has a place in the plan and the plan makes therefore for you in the end  a beautiful picture.

Many of our lives have been broken,shattered,and scattered in many,many pieces,but within God’s ultimate will,somehow He fits all of the pieces together.Somehow,He works with it for us so that every piece…sticks …there is a completeness…ALL THINGS.

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One Comment on “Romans.8:28..All Things.”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Thank you for this. The comfort that comes to my mind when I think of this is found in the words of Joseph that you mentioned above. Through the years and the tears we understand the purpose in the path. God does not reveal those things readily or easily.

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