Defining the word Deacon.

Deacon and related words in the New Testament (KJV)

DIAKONOS(30) A noun identifying a table waiter,a servant of a master,a church official.

Deacons(3)Phil.1:1;1 Tim.3:8,12.

Minister(s) (20)Matt.20:26;Mark10:43;Rom.13:4(2);15:8;1:Cor.3:5;2.Cor.3:6;6:4;11:15(2),23.Gal.2:7;Eph.3:7;6:21`;Col.1:7,23,25;4:7;1 Thess.3:2;1 Tim.4:6.

Servant(s).(7) Matt.22:13;23:11;Mark 9:35;John.2:5,9;12:26;Rom.16:1.

DIAKONIA (34) A noun describing the servace of love by those who minister to others.

Minister(ing) (4) Rom.12:7;2.Cor.8:4;9:1;Heb.1:14.

Ministry (16) Acts.1:17,25;6:4;12:25;20:24;21:19;Rom.12:7;1.Cor.16:15;2.Cor.4:1;5:18;6:3;Eph.4:12;Col.4:17;


Ministration (6) Acts 6:1;2.Cor.3:7,8,9(2);9:13′



OFFICE(1) Rom.11:13.


DIAKONEO(37) A verb meaning to wait tables,serve a master,care for,give another a service of love.

Use the office of a Deacon(2) 1.Tim.3:10,13

Minister(ed,ing)(23) Matt.4:11;8:15;20:28(2);25:44;27:55;Mark.1:13,31;10:45(2);15:41;Luke.4:39;8:3


SERVE(ED,ETH)(10).Luke 10:40;12:37;17:8;22:26,27(2);Acts 6:2.


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2 Comments on “Defining the word Deacon.”

  1. This reminds me of when I heard you preach on deacons from Acts 6 at Good Hope. One older gentleman sitting in front of me became irritated as you read Acts 6. He whispered to his wife, “there is no where in this passage that says these people are deacons!” I said to Tabitha, “I think I see the problem!”

  2. Pastorinthewoods,
    That man’s name was,Diotrephes.

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