Be my Valentine:7 Stages of the Married cold.

A couple had been married for 7 years and each year the Bride was troubled by colds and coughing spells.

First year..”Sugar dumpling,I’m worried about my baby girl.You’ve got a bad sniffle and there’s no telling about these things with all this strep around.I’m putting you in the hospital this afternoon for a general check-up and a good rest.I know the foods lousy but I’ll bring your meals in from Rossini’s.I’ve already  got it arranged with the floor Superintendent.”

Second year..”Listen darling,I don’t like the sound of that cough and I’ve called Doc.Miller to rush over here.Now you go to bed like a good girl,please.Just for Papa.”

Third year..”Maybe you’d better lie down,honey;nothing like a little rest when you feel punk.I’ll bring you something to eat.Have we got any soup?”

Fourth year..”Look dear,be sensible.After you feed the kids and wash the dishes,you’d better hit the sack.”

Fifth year..”Why don’t you get yourself a couple of aspirins?”

Sixth year..”If you’d just gargle or something,instead of sitting around barking like a seal!”

Seventh year..”For Pete’s sake,stop sneezing!”Whatcha trying to do,gimme pneumonia?”

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2 Comments on “Be my Valentine:7 Stages of the Married cold.”

  1. Hello Bill,
    There’s a TON of truth in this post. One night I told my loving groom ( for about the 25th time) that I was dying from the stomach bug I had, and he told me if I was sure of it, then hurry up and do it but for goodness sake stop complaining!! I told him he wasn’t getting out that easy. HA!HA! We’re coming up on nineteen fabulous years in May and I still haven’t let him off the hook!!! You gotta love that!!
    Tell Patsy Hello!
    Love yall and miss yall! Rhonda Lester

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