Retirement:Finally Brethren,Farewell.

This Easter Sunday will be my last sunday as Pastor of Calvary Baptist church.I am retiring.Actually,I retired at age 59 four years ago.This time it is final.I can say with the Apostle Paul,”Finally Brethren farewell.”

I will certainly miss preaching every sunday.For 39 years I have preached almost every sunday.However,preaching is what I do,it is not who I am.

Too many pastors are ”addicted”to preaching.If we are not content unless we are preaching..we are ”addicted” to preaching and all addictions are sinful.Too often I have heard pastors say,”I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t preach.”That may sound spiritual,but in my humble,but correct opinion ,it is a shallow and prideful statement.

Several years ago,I completely lost my voice.During that time I spent a lot of time talking and more importantly..listening to God.One morning while walking before day light I was seeking to know what the Lord was teaching me.He spoke to my heart in a very real way and seemed to say,”I don’t need your voice.I got along fine before you were born.It is not your voice(preaching)that I want.I want you.”I was humbled,thrilled and relieved and sensed the love of God as I had never felt before.

So,in retirement,I pray that God will open doors of opportunities to preach.But if he doesen’t that is fine with me.Preaching is what I is not who I am.

Finally Brethren,Farewell.

Bill Poore,Retired.

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9 Comments on “Retirement:Finally Brethren,Farewell.”

  1. Greg Bailey Says:

    Dear Bill,
    I hate to see you go and hope to still read your blogs and hear and learn much from your experiences.
    IN Christ Alone,

  2. Les Puryear Says:


    Do you plan to stay in South Carolina? I hope you will keep blogging. Thank you for your many years of serving Christ and His people.


  3. pastorinthewoods Says:


    God bless you for your faithful ministry through the years and thank you for being a source of wisdom for me through difficult days. You are much more than a preacher you are also a pastor to pastors. Your willingness to be available to listen for just a few moments on the phone and to share a few words of wisdom and encouragment has helped me tremendously through difficult days. In addition, watching the way your have handled adversity has been a great example to me.

    God bless you in your retirement.


  4. Hottub –

    Say it isn’t so!?! Ha! Ha!

    Well, I wish you nothing but God’s richest blessings as you enter this next chapter of your life.

    I do hope you keep blogging, because you’ve got some really good things to say.

    Since you’re going to be somewhat free, maybe you can come down to preach at First Baptist of Williston sometime.

    Your story in this blog post was POWERFUL. As a younger pastor, I needed this reminder.

    Blessings, Friend.

  5. David,
    You know that it is time to retire when you can’t remember names and you can’t see who is sitting on the back pew.
    When I found myself asking these 3 questions while attending the annual associational meetings,I knew It was time to retire.
    1.Where is the bath room?
    2.Now,what’s your name?
    3.What’s my name?
    Thanks for your encouragement.Everytime I need a ”lift”,I read your latest post.
    Also,I enjoy your brother Wyman’s blogging,even though I don’t understand a thing He’s saying.
    I would be glad to speak at First Church.However,at this time I only have four dates open:

  6. Tom Tucker Says:

    You will be missed my brother. I hope you and your precious wife have many years of ministry. As you know God is not through with you. My father had his greatest days after he retired from pastoring. I truly believe you have so much to give to the local church! I love you my brother and hope to see you soon!
    Tom Tucker
    Galatians 2:20

  7. chadwick Says:


    PLEEAAASSEEE . . . enough with the sentimental stuff!!!

    If I wanted to get teary-eyed, I would look at the Hallmark channel!!!

    hottub, you will be like Mark Martin on the NASCAR circuit. He has been retiring for the last 15 years.

    On a serious note, you really nailed it about the idolatrous addictions:

    When I was a superstar rodeo cowboy, in my prime, I thought that the worst thing that could happen was for my ‘right hand’ to be ‘broken.’ I had the mentality: ‘I don’t know if I could live if I could not ride a bucking horse! . . . Woe is me if I enter not another rodeo.’ . . . How idolatrous!!! 😯


  8. Chadwick,
    Please see 2.Kings.2:24

  9. pastorinthewoods Says:


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