Anytime You Come,You Is In:Moving Star Hall

Mrs.Isabel Simmons of  John’s Island writes,”I remember when Moving Star Hall was built,’round about 1913,’14.Father helped build that hall.Mother too.We all throw money until we gets enough to buy the land.All pay seven dollars for the lumber.All join and make that hall.

Mr.John Smalls said about Moving Star Hall……..

“Any time you come,you is in.”

We don’t charge nothing to come in Moving Star Hall.Moving Star Hall are free,and the door are open for each and every one.Whether you are white,whether you are dark like myself,or different color,come in.If you can preach,come on.We all preach.Don’t say,no,you can’t come up to this table. You can preach,pray or testify.If you want to speak,anything you want to say,you got the opportunity—we give it to you.

‘Cause we know we are in God hand.God made all of us.Don’t make a few and somebody else some;God made all.So I am happy to meet you all.

I hear Madam say a while ago she glad we let ’em come in.”No,don’t worry with that,Madam.Anytime you come,you is in.Bring friend,whatever;you’s in.”So sing,shout,get happy.But don’t fall out!

From..Ain’t you got a right to the tree of life? The People of Johns Island,South Carolna-Their Faces,Their Words,and Their Songs.

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