Observations at the South Carolina Baptist State Convention.

It was good to see old friends at the SCBSC and the pastors conference..

Monday..It was a joy to see Mike Lewellyn.Mike and his lovely wife attended Good Hope Baptist at Wake Forest,NC while he was a student at SEBTS.Mike looked the same and was just as friendly as always.

On Monday,I also ran into Brett DeYoung.Btrett served as youth director for awhile at Good Hope when he was at SEBTS.

I saw and wanted to speak to Don Purvis,but Don was too busy talking to someone more important than me.He did shake my hand and nod his head towards me.I was pleasently surprised to see Don’s wife with him.I spoke to her and she was gracious and kind.

Wayne Dickardsaw me but avoided me and quickly got out the door without speaking.He was probably meeting Don Purvis for lunch.

It was good  see and talk with Robert Dickard.On a scale of one to ten,Robert is an eleven.He is doing a great job as a DOM.

I met in person,Greg Bailey who is now living in Sumerville.Gregg is a frequent guest on my  blog…hottubreligion.wordpress.com.

When I saw Ron.Lynch,I thought I saw twins…but it was just Ron.

Tom Tucker did a fine job expounding the scriptures in the convention sermon.I was somewhat disappointed that he was more animated than any other time in his sermon when he held up his Bible and declared in a loud voice that over 300 of our churches did not baptize one person last year.Tom failed to proclaim in like fashion that most of the churches who had many baptisims cannot account for them a year later.

Dr.Rudy Gray,my friend for 38 years will serve well as President of the SCBSC.He is the first bald president since Horace Sims to serve South Carolina Baptists.

Chadwick Ivester dressed in a high fashion suit and a silk shirt wih bright cuff links presented the resolution on Family Worship.Chadwick is a prolific writer who will go places in our Convention.

See you next year.


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5 Comments on “Observations at the South Carolina Baptist State Convention.”

  1. Hey Bill – Man, I wish I had known you were there. I’ve never met you, and would consider it an honor to do so one day. Maybe we can meet at next year’s convention. In the mean time, I’ll just keep enjoying your blog. Gotta love the hottub!

  2. Dave,
    I feel like I know you already through your blog.We must meet soon.Condy should have you to preach a revival in Camden..then we could have lunch.

  3. pastorinthewoods Says:


    I just want to know if you wept like Jesse J when Dr. Gray was elected the first SCBC president in history with a shaved head? It was history in the making. I heard that he will be sworn in on a special edition ESV J. Calvin Study Bible. Not to spread rumors or anything.

    I wondered if you would be the Karl Rove of his administration or simply be a distant advisor?

  4. Hottub – That sounds good to me. 🙂

  5. pastorinthewoods,
    I am considered to be more like Al Sharpton than Jesse Jackson.If pushed,Dr.Gray would admit to knowing me,but he is a bit embarrassed to by it.

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