What Does It Take To Get South Carolina Pastors Into An AMEN SHOUTIN’ FIT?

What caused South Carolina preachers to get induced into AMEN SHOUTIN’ FITS? (At the SCBC Pastors’ Conference-Trinity Baptist Church in Cayce, SC)


A preacher telling stories about how poor he was as a child.

Monday afternoon, one speaker said that when he was a boy, his family was so poor that they had a two -seater [outhouse]; at night, he could see the lights of the county fair through the cracks in the top of the two-seater as he sat doing his business (Yes, those were his very words!).  The preachers in the congregation went nuts, shouting synonymous AMENS throughout the sanctuary.outhouse-1

The preacher also stated that he was so poor, that on Christmas Eve, his daddy would go outside and shoot his shotgun; then he would come into the house and tell all of the kids that Santa had committed suicide! (gasp! . . . he seriously used this illustration . . . and he got some serious AMENS!)


A preacher telling us about the benefits of good preachin’  :

Good preachin’ is like Castor Oil; it tastes bad going in, but it feels good going out! (Yes, he really said that!) . . . (gasp! all I could think about was a nasty scene on the two-seater!) . . . no picture is needed!!


A preacher telling us Charles Stanley’s Prophecy at the 1979 SBC:

This is exactly what the preacher said:

Charles Stanley told us a prophetic warning at the SBC in 1979. He told us that in 40 years the churches and pulpits would be more interested in big buildings rather than good preachin’! . . . guess what this coming June will be? that’s right . . .  it will be 40 years!



A preacher screamin’, shoutin’, spitin’, staggerin’ like a drunken sailor, and ‘a yellin’ continually during his 65 minute sermon: [Each speaker was only alloted 30 minute]

The same preacher screamed and shouted, from the top of his lungs, while pacing back and forth across the stage! As he preached, he kicked one leg in the air and waved his K.J.V. Bible wildly in the air (The preacher did this for 65 minutes out of his 30 minute allotment!!).

Most of the preachers [in the sanctuary] shouted and gave standing ovations as the preacher ended his sermon; he ran up and down the stage waving his Bible and shouting something that was incoherent to me. I was grateful that children were not present at this meeting.If there happened to be any small children there, you can be sure that they slept in the bed with mom and dad monday night!


A preaching condemning and ridiculing pulpit committees, church members, and deacons:

Of course, bashing deacons,pulpit committees, and mean old church members always elicits loud AMENS!!  . . . from the majority of the pastors who were sitting on the edge of their seats. They seemed to forget that if it were not for that pulpit committee, they would not be blessed to pastor a church that had paid their way to hear how awful these pulpit committee folks really are.


The preacher following the ‘poor ‘shoutin’ preacher sought to ‘top’ his poverty:

The next speaker topped the two-seater [outhouse] story; he declared that, when he was a boy, his family was so poor they only had a “one-seater.” Once again the crowd was moved emotionally,spiritually and intellectually. He also stated that he was so poor that he had to put duct-tape on his shoes to hold them together!


These two preaches gave me the idea that unless a preacher grew up, dirt poor, in a mill village, or in the mountains, he may not have been called to preach. Since I was raised up in a housing project in Charleston,S.C., I can assume that my calling is authentic.

Now, those of you that were at the Pastors’ Conference, say it ain’t so! . . . or better than that, say, “AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!”

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14 Comments on “What Does It Take To Get South Carolina Pastors Into An AMEN SHOUTIN’ FIT?”

  1. Tim Says:

    Unfortunately those spells seemed really, really familiar. I will say that I did hear one very strong message at the LA Baptist Convention by David Crosby from FBC New Orleans. It was worth the trip.

  2. pastorinthewoods Says:


    You should have done what you used to do in Wake Forest and just hit teh bagel shop so you wouldn’t have gotten your blood pressure up.

  3. The President of the South Carolina Baptist Pastors conference ,Howard Allen,chose a pastor of what could be identified as an “Independent fundamental,non-cooperating Southern Baptist Church to speak(scream)at the SCB Pastors conference.
    According to the South Carolina Baptist Convention,2007 Annual book of reports on page 305 the West Side Baptist church..Eddie Burris pastor..
    Budget gift.700.00(seven hundred dollars)
    Prayer week.0.00.
    Total Gifts.700.00
    Total Receipts.205,440.
    That’s nothing to shout about!!

  4. I was at the Pastor’s Conference in Cayce…and felt really out of place. No doubt, these men are followers of Christ that love His Word; however, their style of preaching was not one I am used to. I wish them well in their ministries, but that was not for me…at all. Oh well…

  5. chadwick Says:


    Could you give us your thoughts on the “Santa Suicide” illustration?


  6. Bill Newcomb Says:

    A lot of the comments on this subject have been minsters and before anyone thinks I am a “preacher basher” let me explain that I am the worst thing that ever walked through a church’s door, I am a PK. My father was the Rev. C. Clifton Newcomb and even though as times I wish he was something else I was always pround of him. I am only glad GOD called him home before he could see what most of the churches in SC have turned into, money hungry, got to be building, give me all your money so we can build something social clubs. Before you get out the tar & feathers let me list a few things:
    -I am a sinner saved by grace, I have held about every office there is in church.
    -I have many friend that are minsters and Dr. Poore is one of my closest friends (Lord help him).
    -I was raised in the mts. of NC in the 50’s & 60’s and I can give anybody a run for being raised poor, remember I’m a PK and my Dad did not make anything compared to what you make today. The minsters who spoke of the outhouses upbringing, I would like to see what they drive now and their house that they live in. I bet that it is better than mine or most of their church members.
    -It also saddens me that there are so few Minsters who are willing to teach & preach God’s word, most sermon are statements trying to put someone on a guilt trip for not comming on Wednesday and Sunday night services or that they want 20% so a monument of a building can be built in their memory.
    -One more item, I heard the person who screamed an hollared at the convention speak at a local church and I did bow my head but not in prayer but in shame that my Dad and many of my friends that are Minster that gave their live to preaching the Word and something like that want to be on the same level as real men of GOD.

    In my profession I am aQuality Specialist and when I go into companies the first thing i have to teach management is that they are the problem and if you wish to have a quality product you must have quality management. If we are going to have Godly churches – well—-

    God bless you my friends, especially you my brother – Bill

  7. Bill,
    Why don’t you tell us what you really think?
    Your friend,

  8. Bill Newcomb Says:

    Well, I would but I don’t want to hurt anyone feeling about going dancin’ and worshipping at the clay feet.


  9. Jeff Holt Says:

    Call me the odd ball out! I grew up a PK too Bill. with parents who were broke enough to get only a pair of blue jeans for Christmas for me.
    It sickens me at how many RELIGIOUS FOLK & PREACHERS can shout and scream at a meeting with their peers. Then walk away never letting others see or hear Jesus in their lives. I saw it all too often growing up.
    I’m not bashing Preachers either, I lived life on my own terms after getting out of the glass house. When I found out years later I really did not know what was best for Jeff; when I was broken and done in. I gave God my life in full, HE called me to the ministry a few years later, it is not a career choice, a profitible venture or a lifestyle of luxury. Yet I’m happier than I could ever hope to be because God gave me the life I now live. He gave me a Godly ministry supportive and involved wife & two more beautiful children. That is the thrust of my ministry, God will accept someone where they are, by Grace through Faith IN JESUS.
    I’ve never seen this site before now, I seeking Gods will for the next path He would have me trod.
    OH yea, I NEVER discuss salary with a pulpit comittee, (told you I was a odd ball.)
    In Christ

  10. Steve Says:

    HT, I really enjoyed this post. I didn’t attend this year as I’m in ministry transition. I can almost hear the snortin’, hollerin’, and amenin’. Whew!

  11. Greg Bailey Says:

    The yelling wasn’t the worst part. The young yeller actually did tell us what a piece of scripture meant, but NO ONE ELSE but the visisting pastor from NC even attempted to exegete or do exposition on a text. The second “professional evangelist even preached a sermon supposedly based on John 6:31-35…as GhostRecon and I agreed, he obviously had never read the rest of John 6 as it totally blew away his whole sermon.
    I am tired of folks who tell us to trust the Bible and how much they love it, but are afraid to preach from it. We don’t need clever and funny (or loud) men, we need simple ones who will study much more than they actually preach…so that they preach truth, not shallow legalism. Tell us about God, not some fundamentalist version of American culture.
    Bill, I didn’t hear the whole castor oil quote and tried to ignore it, but if one spent just a second thinking about it…it is quite blasphemous. My calling must be false, I grew up with in door plumbing…but then again, while in the Army, I dug my own hole quite a bit.
    In Christ Alone,

  12. Greg Bailey Says:

    Jeff, discuss money sometime, let the church have the opportunity to support your family. They don’t pay you to minster, they pay you so you can give all you efforts outside your family to Gospel minstry. Many churches just don’t think about it. My teenage church in Myrtle Beach didn’t realize how much they underpaid their pastor of 10 years until they searched for an Associate who gave the Sr. guys present salary as his bare minimum. Our folks were sorely embarrasses and corrected the disparity promptly. Just as you don’t wish to make your support the reason you minister, your church needs to know what your family will need so you can minister w/o restraint.
    IN Christ Alone,

  13. chadwick Says:


    Can you give us your thoughts on the Santa Suicide illustration?


  14. Bill Poore Says:

    On Santa,
    Now I know why the overweight fraud never came to see me.

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