A member of West End Baptist Church in Rock Hill,S.C. requests prayer for the mess that Journey-driven, Rick Warren clone, Mike Lowery left the church in to start a Rick Warren church in Rock Hill. Here is the West End Baptist Member’s request:

Here is what no one is talking about, is those of us left to pick up the pieces at West End, the mess that we were left in, and make no mistake, it was an intentional mess, this was a plot and “split” of the worse kind. And if the other area Pastors dont take a stand on behalf of West End the signal to us will be clear. WE need you, we are hurting, pray for us. I wish nothing bad for the leadership of Impact, but what they have done is wrong, they know what they have done. (A West End Baptist Member).

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  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    In the words of Gomer, ” Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!” There is nothing new under the sun.

    My second assumption about the matter is that this “new” church will adopt an “elder rule”, or a “pastor-led” model that will give the “pastoral team” freedom from “congregational restraints” that are found in traditional churches.

    Who will pick up the pieces? The faithful left at West End!

  2. pastorinthewoods,
    The faithful who are left at W.E.have probably grown weary of “Fun in the Son”and “Gone fishing”Rick Warren “free will”sermons.
    Hopefully,they will get a Bible preacher who studies the Word and feeds the flock.In time they will rejoice that the Rick Warren days are behind them and their best days are before them.

  3. To all you so called christians out there who are bashing on Mike Lowery, this messeage is for you! If you think you could ever be the man he is i would love to see you try. Hello!!! The service is conteporary and if you think sitting in old wooden pews and signing hyms is going to get this generation to come together over God you are very wrong and very out of date. This man is putting everything he knows out there to get this generation to understand what being a christian is all about so….if you still think you know what your talking about go ahead and post another blog and i will prove you wrong again!! =]

  4. hello haters….im here to tell you that paster Mike Lowery has inspired me to become the best christian that i can be.all of this trash talk about him is hurtful to the ones that love and truely care about him.God has led him to start a new church.being a chritrain means to love god and love others and serve others which is Mikes new motto for his church.if your think your a christian by trashing his decisons and passion to spread the word of God you might want to try going to your traditional church because earth to you mike’s church teaches the same thing. I go to his church and i have grown up in a contemperary church and i have been baptised and love the lord just as much as you say you do.be a christian and repect his decison. its funny because the people of the traditional church dont suppport us and the people of the contemperary church fully support traditional church.does it really matter if attend a tradition church or contemperary church as long as you LOVE GOD,LOVE OTHERS,AND SERVE OTHERS.thanks for giving me the oppertunity to totally prove you wrong. love,your contemerary christian friend.

  5. preacher mike rocks,
    It is not truley…it is t-r-u-l-y.
    It is not chritrain…it is c-h-r-i-s-t-i-a-n.
    It is not your…it is y-o-u’r e.
    It is not contemperary…it is c-o-n-t-e-m-p-o-r-a-r-y.
    It is not support…it is s-u-p-p-o-r-t.
    It is not oppertunity…it is o-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-t-y.

  6. WestEnder Says:

    I’m not a hater, why is it that if someone disagree’s that makes them a hater? Many of the post I read are so defensive of the MAN, it shows me people are following the MAN, and we are not to follow a MAN, but we are to follow GOD. The Connection is a very contemporary style service, if you have never been there I would sugest you try it out, not one wooden pew in the place! I’m not argueing the need for that style service, that is why West End has the place in the first place. I have no doubt many great things can happen through the ministy efforts of Impact Church, its not its existence that is the issue, it the damage that was done to West End in the process, there is nothing glorifying to God about that. When you have to split a church to create a church how is that a good thing? How is robbing the body of one to uild you own a good thing for God? I don’t believe God said to Mike “take over 100 members of West End away, go across the street and start another church” do you? really?

  7. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Hottub- you are brutal to your guest! lighten up not everyone cal spall leke yu.

    I have no idea what Rev. Lowery even looks like. I have questions about the method of these contempoerary church starts everywhere. My questions have no issue with style whatsoever.

    1. Will the new church start seek support from existing churches and consider those who come from other churches “missionaries” that will one day return to the church they were previously attached to? ( this is missional language not divisive)

    2. Will churches that do not fit the contemperary style and tradition get as much support financially and politically in the SCBC?

    3. What are the motives behind all of the “new visions” and ” mottos” that go along with those who start churches across the street from existing churches?

    Reaching new people?
    More pastoral freedom and power?
    Splitting of churches?
    Getting away from an existing church that would not culturally accept the new traditions?

    4. Theologically will this new church preach and teach the whole Gospel?

    These questions are not even for this particualr new church start they are for the many that I have witnessed.

    I am not a hater, I am a hunter.

  8. pastorinthewoods,
    Deer hunters are deer h-a-t-e-r-s!!

  9. Getoverit! Says:


    Just in case you aren’t familiar with this passage of the bible.

    24 And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds: cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.” And it was so. 25 And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds and the cattle according to their kinds, and everything that creeps upon the ground according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. 26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth”

    Let me translate “let us make man in our image, and let them have dominion…AKA
    Hunting the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and the cattle of the earth.

  10. pastorinthewoods Says:

    In the words of George W Bush.

    I am a hunter and sometimes I am a killer. I am a fisherman and sometimes I am a catcherman.

    Not A Hoittub Hater

  11. wow all you have left to talk crap about now is my spelling…..hum sounds like somone needs to find something else to do during the day!!!

  12. MyGodIsGood Says:

    Instead of wasting our time here on this board. Why don’t we all get down on our knees and pray for all 3 churches? God wants all the churches to succeed. Only the devil can stop it. I’m sure he just loves all this hatred toward Pastor Mike.

    Preacher Mike Rocks; have you checked all the misspellings on hottubs church web page?:

    Dr. Poore became pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in April, 2005. Bill is a native of Charleston, SC. He is married to Patsy, who works in children’s ministries.

    Bill and Patsy are the parents of two sons, Jay (deceased) and Steve; they are also the proud grandparents of two granddaughters, Dixie and Haley.

    Bill is a graduate of Tennesee Temple University where he earned his Bacherlor of Bible and Graduate Degree of Theology. At Luther Rice Seminary, he earned a Masters of Divinity; and at the Southern Baptist Center of Biblical Studies, he earned his Doctorate of Ministry.

    Dr. Poore’s focus is preaching and teaching with the purpose of leading our church toward greater spiritual health and mission.

    Bill love to write. His blog address is hottubreligion.wordpress.com.

  13. Dale Zillius Says:

    To Whom it may concern;

    Since I found this website a few months ago I have enjoyed checking in at times and have read many interesting items and even learned a few things. There have few items that I could have added anything intellengent to but this thing here really caught my eye. I am speaking as an outsider of you area but this would be totally silly if it was not so sad.

    To the minster that started the new church and tore apart the old church may I ask why do you wish to start a new church in that part of the country where there is a church on every street corner, in strip malls, in resturants’ backroom and in school rooms. There is a phase that I heard many years ago that went something like “let steal the goats, we have already fleeced the sheep”. I now understand what it means. IF you or anyone in this area really – really want to start a new church go to the northern or western parts of our country and the people are starving for the gospel. There are plenty of sheep and goats for all, they do not have to be stolen.

    For the Association that these churches are part of which must be lead by the unchurched lost people or morons because it seems that it would be money better spend to uplift and strengthen existing churches instead of turning their back on them for the reason of having bigger numbers in some book that no one will read.

    I have been in church all my life and can state that what I see here is why the Gospel of Christ in degenerating into a puddle of choas. Instead of minster teaching the gospel thurth, like abortion is murder and a sin and a true christian will not support a political canidate that suports abortion is supporting murder and is an abomination unto GOD, they wish to control and be like Jim Jones. And what if even more sad, most churches are social clubs that want to hold hand across the building and sing some chant that had nothing to do with the message that was delivered. Or there is that touchy-touchy, feelly-feelly group that want love and understanding as long as it is done acording to there methods.

    Of course, let me defend the minsters who have the courage to preach the gospel. If they do this they will be fired or I think the phase is “run off”. So you have to temper the truth so anutie May will not be offended and call for a special meeting of the Elders or Deacons to cry her heart out about how her feeling were hurt and all the time it may have been the Spirit of GOD moving in her life. you know that we are not to hurt people feelings but Christ made a whip and beat the devil out of the money changers. Humm. What am I missing.

    To the West End Church, let me say that prayer and time will heal your wounds. Just keep Christ’s love in your heart and remember those that have transgressed will have to stand in judgement one day. Even a undershepard, whatever that means.

  14. My God is good.
    Our chuch secretary (minister’s assistant)is a member of a contemporary church.She will correct the mistakes on our web page. Thank you for your observations.Most of all..God bless you for looking at our church web sight and stopping by the “hot tub.”

  15. Dale Zillius Says:

    Sir, you have my full permission to have you assistant to correct my mistakes at any time. I will freely admitt that I am not perfect and need all the assistances I can recieve. Thanks

  16. pastorinthewoods Says:

    This has debased into a totally weird discussion. Please write something else hottub!

    Preacher Bill Rocks!!!!

  17. janice Says:

    Thanks for correcting my spellling. Your blog needs spell check for those of us that are challenged in that way and therefore, you won’t be so troubled by it. God made each one of us in his own image.

  18. Medsalesrep
    You said… Hottub – Could you please provide me with the Biblical references where Jesus talked down to, name called, ridiculed and belittled people that thought differently. I have been trying to find these but haven’t had any luck. Surely, as a man of God, you would try to follow Jesus’ example, so it must be in the Bible somewhe.

    Med,I have not ridiculed and belittled,”Preacher Mike rocks.”I just gave the facts and you interpreted them as ridicule.
    Loving God,Loving others,and serving others.

  19. Getoverit! Says:


    Its not somewhe ….its s.o.m.e.w.h.e.r.e!!

  20. Getoverit,
    I repent.I have no defense.

  21. medsalesrep,
    When I corrected the spelling of some on this blog,they in turn corrected my spelling.They were right in doing so and I had a good laugh.A real fiend will tell you the truth even if it offends you for a moment.
    Since you have already searched the Bible for any unkind words that Jesus may have made and found none,there is no need for me to do so.I trust your judgement and appreciate your diligence.
    I have seen and heard Mike preach many times.If you want to accuse me of gossip,that is your privilege.
    I try to give the facts on this blog and use a lot of satire in the process.This sight is known as “hottub”not “bubblebath.”You said,”I am done here.”May I say,”I am done with your spam comments.”
    Preacher Mike Rocks.

  22. pastorinthewoods Says:


    Hottub and I go way back. Once when my parents were visiting Hottubs church with me he told them that they needed to get me on a diet because I had gained at least 40 pounds since moving away from home. This caused my mother to have many sleepless nights praying for my weight loss. Gratefully, those harsh words caused me to seriously consider my weight and choose to only eat 2 rolls at the Golden Corrall. I encourage you to let his words make you better and not bitter. If you can’t, just consider them words from an old preacher that is one step from the nervous hospital.

    I choose to love Hottub unconditionally. My root of bitterness has been uprooted.

    Now I eat lean meat (venison) to keep my weight under control.

  23. living4given Says:

    Well, I have attended for several Sundays, and all I can see is GOD’S LOVE! You know, they talked about JESUS when HE was here too! Just because Pastor Lowery chose to follow what GOD led him to do, don’t knock him. You don’t have to go. It may not be for you, but GOD has a place for everybody. Sure, some people spell better than others, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts! I bet GOD isn’t saying,”look at that Mike Lowery. I can’t believe he’s following me to where I’m leading him”. GOD’s words, LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!! Just do it!!

  24. Yes,LivingforJesus is awesome.God also is not the author of confusion(split church).
    I have been the pastor of two churches that split before I became their pastor.One church left and and built a a church(building)one mile from the church they left and split.Families were divided.Friendships ended.A church that has been raped never gets over it.
    Love in the Bible is not a warm fuzzy feeling.Love is defined in God’s word as behaviour and how we treat others by our actions.West End has been violated by Mike Lowery and his followers.Impact church is not a “new church start”,it is a “split church start.”
    Through discipline,determination and dedication,West End will be a stronger church than it ever has been before.
    My prayer for W.E. is that they will call a pastor who will declare the doctrines of grace and the sovereingty of God.If they call another Rick Warren clone who preaches Rick Warren sermons they will make a fatal mistake.Rick Warren and his clone followers have redefined christianty.
    I challenge all W.E. members to read..”Redifining christianity”by BOB DEWAAY.21st Century Publishing.Bob clearly writes about…”Understanding the purpose driven movement that Impact will imitate.
    Bob writes,”The true success of a church cannot be measured by simply reading the bottom line of “nickles and noses,”buildings and programs.There is,however,a bottom line with which to measure the church—-it is doctrinal integrity.The church is the pillar and support of the truth.If the church fails in its God-given mission of upholding,defending and propagating the truth then it fails.Period!”
    Please get the book and read it,You will be glad you did.

  25. living4given Says:

    Pastors also need to learn to be submissive to GOD’s leading. If GOD tells a pastor to follow HIM, I’d follow him. It’s easy to stay at a cushy position and sit back and relax. But GOD always calls us to a position of “service”. After all, a pastor is a servant of the people. I’ve been involved in church service for years too, and I’ve met a lot of people who claim to be GOD’s man, but finding that they are their own man. I’ve not heard Pastor Lowery say a negative word about anyone at West End. As a matter of fact, he talks about what loving, caring people they are. So, why don’t we all practice what we preach. LOVE GOD……..LOVE EACH OTHER.
    As JESUS asked the people who were condemning the woman at the well, “he who is without sin, cast the first stone”……..and there were none.

  26. Livin4given,
    I believe that you meant the woman in John.8:1-11.To the woman at the well Jesus said,”Go call thy husband and come hither.”John.4:16.In verse 15 she said,”Sir,give me this water,that I thirst not,neither come here to draw.In verse 15 she is ready to respond.But in verse 16 Jesus says.”Go call your husband and come here.”
    Most “feel good churches”would have prayed with this woman and pleged to meet her “felt needs.”
    What did Jesus do?He asserted his sovereign right to go to the citadel of this woman’s sinful life and demand the radical cleavege with her entire way of life.If this woman was going to come to Jesus for the water of life,there was going to have to be some radical changes.She would have to subject herself to his COMMANDS and DEMANDS even when they entered into the secret recesses of her life,Salvation was offered free in the context of her willingness to face the fact that from that point on she would no longer drink from those muddy wells
    Jesus would not let men and women be ignorant of the totality of the demands of the gospels.Yes,the gospel comes with promises and provisions….but it also comes with…commands and demands.
    And this is what most churches leave out.They embrace the promises and provisions..but deny the commands and demsnds of the gospel.

  27. westendmember Says:

    I would love for everyone to pray for West End and its members. Regardless of who did or said what we still need your prayers. We will come out of this a stronger and more committed church. This will be a healing process that we WILL get through. We are growing every week and will continue to do so. Thank You in advance for your prayers. Only GOD understands why things happen the way they do.

  28. Westendermember,
    God bless you and we(our church) will pray for W.E.B.C.

  29. Getoverit! Says:


  30. Randy M Says:

    Just when I wondered if Hottub was losing his edge, he spits out these posts.
    I will be brief and try to spel this correctly.

    In regards to this matter and West End, I beleve that I can speak very intelligently about both. My family and I attended West End for several years and have made life long friends there. However, most of them have left West End. Only a handful remain.
    Mike is a man. All pastors are. We don’t always make the right decisions and we don’t always do the right things. I was there to see the growth during the “boom” years of West End. I was there when the ground was broke on the new sanctuary. I was also there when the church moved through two sets of staff (four seperate staff positions) in two years.

    I have to admit that the location of Impact Church is very suspect. In respect to the church that you’ve served for over 15 years, I think that a change of scenery should be appropriate. The people of Rock Hill travel for anything. They will travel for a good church whereever it may be.

    As far as the location of Impact in relation to the Connection, I know of that area and the location is very close to each other. What has not been said is that when the Connection was developed, it was built right across the street from a good Southern Baptist Church.

    I really don’t want to comment on the contemporary (hope I spelled that right) vs. traditional debate. I tend to land in the middle as it takes all kinds of methods to meet people but only one Message can change hearts. It doesn’t matter what is being sung. It only matters who is being lifted up in the sermon. That usually makes the difference.

    I believe that Impact will probably do well in the attendance department. I can’t exactly see Mike starting over at his current age and without the help of an established staff. It should be noted that the “boom” period of West End came when there was a talented couple performing the music and student positions (both part time), a retied Director of Missions filling the senior adult role, and a GREAT Associate Pastor who has grown Sunday Schools everywhere he has gone. I believe that the staff mixture was right at that time. I don’t know if thoes type of people will serve the new church or not.

    The one thing that I would encourage West End to do in this transition period is to pick up your television ministry again. You haev dropped off the map. This was one thing that Mike did well, and put your message in front of the people of the area every Sunday and Thursday. Get back on the air so that it doesn’t look like you can’t function without him.

    Finally, I think that the dilemma of church plants as a result of church splits grieves the heart of God. We are a family (to quote the Pointer Sisters). God doesn’t split His children up so that they can get along better. He actually tells them to love each other and deal with the issues in His love.

    Whether you agree with Mike or not (and I think that he is the polarizing figure here), great harm has been done to the body of Christ. Great harm can continue, and another church has taken a black eye. For that I truly pray that we wake up from the faithless slumber of daily life and realize that God’s Word is being fulfilled. Hell matters and sin must be confronted. It’s not popular, but neither was the cross.

    Sorry for the long post, hottub. But my adjustment to the Red Rose City has taken longer than expected. Hope it’s all spelled right.

  31. Randy,
    Good comments….Great spelling..I think.

  32. J Roth Says:

    Ed Young Jr had this topic not long ago. He called this Church Piracy and the leaders of the movement Church Pirates. Sounds like Mike is a bona fide pirate.

    As a Rock Hill native this was rumored for several years now. It should come as no surprise.

  33. Preacher Mike Rocks Says:

    Everyone who doesnt agree with Preacher Mike’s decision,
    God has a vision for everyone. The vision he blessed Pastor Mike with was the vision to start a new church where the church body is a family and they love eachother and support eachother nomatter what. Preacher mike ran into the critisism of many people and hate and disagreement along the way. God loves him and blesses him and rewards him for not giving up on his vision that GOD led him to do.
    For those of you who dont attend Impact church like i do, i am blessed to share with you the miricles he has done for us. we have 250 members at Impact. we have now been a church for 1 year and we have bapitised and saved 30 people. What else could please God more than people coming to know and love him with all of their hearts?
    It takes a true christian to move on from the past and focus on your vision. Which is what some of you need to do. just move on and try to focus on your own vision.someitmes you mess up and cause trouble for others but wouldnt you want them to support you and pray for you. Thank you for allowing me the space on this cruel page to voice my strong opinion.

    Preacher Mike totally ROCKS!!!!!!!

  34. colin smith Says:

    I was told that Mike Lowery was asked to leave Westend Baptist.
    Does anyone know if this is true?

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