Pastors,Weddings and the Scriptures.

A couple comes to the pastor..Will you officiate at our wedding ceremony?

The pastor faces several questions:

1.His personal convictions.

2.The couple’s spiritual status.

3.A couple’s view of marriage.

4.What does the church expect?

5.What is the Christian approach?

6.Is the decision I’m making consistent with the gospel?

7.What is right for me?

Is performing a wedding a Pastoral duty?Is it a Biblical role?

The Bible gives no account of a Pastor ever performing a marriage ceremony.

In the Bible,who officiated at a wedding?Was there a ceremony?In the Bible,what is marriage?Who started this custom?

In the beginning there was no formal ceremony.(Gen.2)Marriage is an institution made in heaven.Adam was lonely.He lost a rib he never needed to gain a life he ever needed.He gave up something in order to gain something he needed.

Four  steps in the marriage ceremony:

1.The giving by the Father of the bride.Gen.2:22.

2.A receiving by the groom.2:23.

3.A pronouncement.Gen.2:24.

4.A consumation.Gen.2:25.One flesh.

From the Genesis account we learn…

Marriage is a physical,one flesh,temporary relationship uniting man and woman for the purpose of..creation,companionship and completeness.

Marriage is defined as a physical relationship.It is not Christian or religious in its origin.Marriage is for be one flesh..not one spirit.It is a non-spiritual matter.

Marriage is temporary..til death..between a man and a woman.

What is a Christian marriage?

The confirmation of and the simplification of the original and sacred ordinance of marriage.


2.Christian in that it has the approval of Christ.John.2.

3.The two become one–a mutual relationship.Matt.19:5-6;Eph.5:31.

It is more than an agreement between two people.Marriage is the divine design for the welfare of his people.

Marriage is expected,accepted.Marriage is for the human race..the basis for family life.Before religion and christianity…marriages took place.

At first it was a family matter..then civil..then church.

Marriage began as a personal contract between families..As government developed there were marriage contracts.

In the Old Testament..the Father arranged for his Son with one’s kinsman.It was personal,legal..not religious.Marriage was expected for everyone.The Groom’s father paid the price or the groom could work it off  like(Jacob).mnWhen the agreement was made their was the engagement..the Bride’s father was paid the dowery.The actual ceremony took place.there was a procession..Bride and groom met.The marriage was consumated when he went into her tent.

1.The parents approval weighed heavily on the marriage.

2.The wedding was a planned event.

3.Guests were invited.

4.The bride and groom were supported by their friends .

5.The wedding was maked by a celebrated spirit.

6.There was a feast.

7.The groom’s parents supplied the feast.

8.The Bride had a dowry.

Various positions have on performing weddings for the divorced.

1.Marjority position in the SBC.No, We’re a conservative people.Divorce is the result of sin.

2.Why do some ministers change their positions?

(1) Some become more caring for others.

(2) Some change educationally.

(3)Some couples leave after they hear him preach on love and forgiveness.

(4) Some are haunted by their may sing,teach,but divorce is too much of a sinner for me to marry.

When a believer marries an unbeliever many pastors will not perform the ceremony…

1.Their proof text is 2.Cor.6:14.Can you find marriage in this text?

2.Others will marry you if you will say,”the sinner’s prayer.They will gladly do so if they can only get on with …the wedding.

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One Comment on “Pastors,Weddings and the Scriptures.”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Hottub here you go again messing with the long standing, accepted, and unspoken rules laid down by our forefathers that you should be following concerning weddings. That Standard that every search committee wants to know about but doesn’t really care about if it is their children or grandchildren that wants to get married.

    One pastor friend of mine says that he refuses to marry almost everyone because he doesn’t want to be called the marrying “Sam” of the community. I have no idea what that means.

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