John Wesley and His Calvinistic Hymns.

John Wesley,a flaming Arminian wrote hymns that were soundly Calvinistic and honoured the doctrines of grace.


HYMN 158″O my God, what must I do?
Thou alone the way canst show;
Thou canst save me in this hour;
I have neither will nor power:
God, if over all thou art,
Greater than my sinful heart,
All thy power on me be shown,
Take away the heart of stone.

Take away my darling sin,
Make me willing to be clean;
Make me willing to receive
All thy goodness waits to give.
Force me, Lord, with all to part;
Tear these idols from my heart;
Now thy love almighty show,
Make even me a creature new.

Jesus, mighty to renew,
Work in me to will and do;
Turn my nature’s rapid tide,
Stem the torrent of my pride;
Stop the whirlwind of my will;
Speak, and bid the sun stand still;
Now thy love almighty show,
Make even me a creature new.

Arm of God, thy strength put on;
Bow the heavens, and come down;
All my unbelief o’erthrow;
Lay th’ aspiring mountain low:
Conquer thy worst foe in me,
Get thyself the victory;
Save the vilest of the race;
Force me to be saved by grace.”

HYMN 206, verses 1, 2.

“What am I, O thou glorious God!
And what my father’s house to thee,
That thou such mercies hast bestow’d
On me, the vilest reptile, me!
I take the blessing from above,
And wonder at the boundless love.

Me in my blood the love pass’d by,
And stopp’d, my ruin to retrieve;
Wept o’er my soul thy pitying eye;
Thy bowels yearn’d, and sounded, “Live!”
Dying, I heard the welcome sound,
And pardon in thy mercy found.”

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One Comment on “John Wesley and His Calvinistic Hymns.”

  1. Reminds me of something Spurgeon said in one of his sermons:

    “You have heard a great many Arminian sermons, I dare say, but you never heard an Arminian prayer–for the saints in prayer appear as one in word, and deed and mind.”

    No man praying (or, in Wesley’s case, singing) to God is an Arminian.

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