Keith Olbermann,Chris Matthews,Obama..Legally married??

Don’t be surprised if you receive a wedding invitation uniting Olbermann,Matthews and Obama in holy matrimony.These three actually fell in love at first sight.

Chris Matthews said of Oboma’s speech at the Democratic convention,”That wasn’t a speech,that was a symphony.”

Chris also said with a tear in his eyes,”When Obama speaks,I get a tingle that goes up and down my left leg.”

Keith Olbermann seems to be in a “lovers trance”when he speaks in glowing terms  of Obama while trashing  John Mc.Cain.

The only “tiff”these three lovers have had was when Keith and Chris said to Oboma,”We love you”and Oboma replied,”I love you too.”Chris and Keith,with tears streaming down their cheeks ,said in unison,”You don’t love us.When we say,”we love you”you respond by saying,”I love you t-o-o.”Why don’t you take the initiative and say,”I love you”and not just,”I love you too?

After a group hug all was forgiven and Chris felt a “tingle”up and down both of his legs.Keith went into a “lovers trance.”

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3 Comments on “Keith Olbermann,Chris Matthews,Obama..Legally married??”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    The backlash has begun. Both Keith and Matt have been fired from their overtime duties covering the election because the MSNBC marriage chapel said that both of them were too biased to cover the election. When I watch C Matthews my right leg tingles often because it wants to kick him.

  2. pastorinthoods,
    As Chris Matthews woukd say..HA!!
    Rachel.He/She from Air America would say,”I believe what Keith Obermann belives(I am his clone).
    Keith would say,”I hate everybody!!).

  3. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Keith was much more likeable as a sportscenter anchor. His stupids humor about real life issues makes him look like a 1st grader trying to goof off in a college class.

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