Pastors Conference in South Carolina:Only Imagine..

The South Carolina Baptist Pastors Conference will meet in Columbia this Nov.

The theme this year will be..Sovereignty and Responsibility.

Speakers scheduled to speak are:

Basil Manly,Sr.One of the major architects of Southern Baptist life.Manly’s text will be..Philippians.2:12,13.

W.B.Johnson..Southern Baptist Denominationalist..God is love.1.John.4:16.

R.B.C.Howell.President of the Southern Baptist Convention.Perseverance of the Saints.Philippians.1:6.

Rev.Richard Fuller..President of the Southern Baptist Convention.Predestination.Acts.27:22-31.

What do these men have in common:

1.They were all Calvinists.

2.They would never be invited to speak at the SC Baptist Pastors conference.

We can only imagine.

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3 Comments on “Pastors Conference in South Carolina:Only Imagine..”

  1. Joe V Says:

    It is a shame that the majority of the SBC has lost sight of a great heritage. Most folks who call themselves Southern Baptists, including pastors, have not even heard of the men you mention in this article. I live in Virginia. The fellowship I attend had a pastor that preached the whole council of God, and he made the doctrines of grace very clear. He recently left, and an interim pastor was called until the leadership could find a permanent pastor. The leadership , this pastor, and another evangelical pastor are unified in their stance against “Calvinism.” I am beginning to understand why the former pastor left.

    This is a sad testimony for an ancient fellowship. They have proven that they are unwilling to hear sound doctrine. (I have had the “privilege” to express my faith before 7 deacons and 1 pastor. Scripture means little to them.)

    I do not have much hope for SBC.

    Joe V.

  2. Joe,
    You have expressed the sentiments of many of us.However,I am encouraged somewhat by the fact that many of our young pastors are embracing the “Doctrines of grace.”Our only hope is in a Sovereign God who perhaps will stir us to a new Reformation of Bible doctrine.
    Thanks for your comments,

  3. Greg Bailey Says:

    Well Bill:
    I laughed and cried at this and the John the Baptist post. Then I read the comments here and realized a friend from my former church in Richmond is posting here now. Hey Joe!
    In Christ Alone,

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