Sowers,Seed,Soil and Southern Baptists.

Walter J.Chantry writes in the introduction of his book,”Today’s Gospel” authentic or synthetic? “Differences between much of today’s preaching and that of Jesus are not petty;they are enormous.The chief errors are not in emphasis or approach but in the heart of the gospel message.Were there a deficiency in one of the areas mentioned in these pages,it would be serious.But to ignore-all the attributes of God,the holy law of God,repentance,a call to the enthroned Christ–and to pervert the doctrine of assurance,is the most vital mistake.”

Far too often,in my opinion,the gospel “net”is thrown and drawn before the seed(the word of the gospel) is sown in the soil(the human heart)of a sinner.

Jesus explained the different kinds of hearers and their responses to the gospel in the parable of the sower.

Consider the lessons on the “hard heart.”

Matt.13:18-19.”Hear ye therefore the parable of the sower.When anyone hears the word of the kingdom,and understandeth it not,then cometh the wicked one,and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart.This is he which receive seed by the wayside.

Important lessons:

1.The hearer gains no insight to the truth of his own need.Our Lord’s words were simple,but the hard hearted hearer had no true insight.The message never germinated and brought forth truth.The hearer’s non-reception is rooted in his non-perception.

2.Men must understand the message of salvation before they can be saved.Matt.13:14.”And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of  Isaiah,which says,by hearing you shall hear,and shall not understand;and seeing you shall see,and shall not perceive.” There is no turning if there is no understanding.There is no forgiveness if there is no reception.The Holy Spirit must illuminate(regenerate) the hearer before he can understand the message of salvation.Our responsibility is to make known e truth.We must make the message clear.

Devotional writer,Charles Allen emphasized this truth:”I do not expect everybody to agree with everything I say.But It is my business to e sure that people understand what I say.”

Spurgeon said to his students:“The sermons that are most likely to convert people seem to be those that are full of truth,truth about the fall,truth about the law,truth about human nature and its alienation from God,truth about the Everlasting Father,truth about the new birth,truth about obedience to God,and all such great verities.Tell your hearers somethig,tell them something.”

3.A hard,unplowed heart will never savingly receive the word of God.The fault is in the soil(human heart).It will never bear fruit.

4.The law is God’s plowshare.Matt.19:16-24.The Spirit of God used the law of God in Romans.7 to convict Paul of his sin.7:7-8.There is a great need to expound the law as Jesus did in Matt.5

5.There is a present and powerful activity of the devil in hindering the saving reception of the truth of God.The evil one came in Matt.13 and caught away the sown word.’Soul winning’is not easy as long as Satan is alive.

6.There is warrant for abundant sowing of the gospel seed.Salvation is all of God but all are commanded to repent.We are to sow without ceasing everywhere.

commentary on Matt.13 by John Trapp:

v.19.called the word of the kingdom because it points to and points out the way to the kingdom of heaven.

v.19.undrstandeth it not…considers it not.Consideration sets on the word when it has been heard and makes it to become an ingrafted word.James.1:21.

v.19. wicked one catcheth away that which was sown in his heart…that is,upon his heart,for into his heart the seed never came.Because the Devil had made a pathway over it.People are now so sermon-trodden,that their hearts like foot-paths,grow hard by the word,which makes no more impression than rain does upon a rock:They have brawney breasts,horny heart strings,dead and dedolent dispositions.Hence they become prey to the Devil,as Abraham’s sacrifice would have been to the fowls of the air,if he had not huffed them away.

As the seedsman cannot make a harvest without the influence of heaven;so,let us,to the wearing of our tongues to the stump,preach and pray.But men will go on in their sins,unless God gives the blessing.Paul may plant..others water..but God gives the increase.

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