Word Pictures and illustrations from the N.T.

Puritan John Trapp..

Gal.1:6.I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel.Trapp..Giddy-headed hearers have religionionem ephemeram,are whirred about with every wind of doctrine,being constant only in their inconstancy.

Gal.6:14..by whom the world is crucified unto me,and I unto the Lord..John Trapp writes,”I look upon the world a a dead thing,as a dunghill.The harlot was deceived in Paul,in thinking to allure him by laying out those her two fair breasts of profit and pleasure;he had no mind to suck at those two botches;he was a very crucifix of mortification.And in his face a man might have seen the true portrait of a mortified man.”

Gal.6:9.And let us not be weary..Let us not give in as tired jades;hot at hand seldom holds out.Let us mot slack our pace in religion,let not our tears begin to freeze;for this,if it doth not lose,yet it may lessen and lighten our crown.Ambrose noteth of the fig tree,that whereas other trees first blossom and then bring forth fruit,in the fig tree it is otherwise,the figs fall off,that,leaves may come in their place.So many that begin on fruits,end in leaves,such are they that weary of well-doing lose the things that they have wrought.(2.John.8).

On the tongue..boasteth great things…James.3:5..It doth magnifically lift up itself,as an untamed horse doth his head.It exalts itself and exults of great things.It walketh through the earth,and faceth the very heavens,Psalms.73:9.It can run all the world over,and bite at everybody;being as a sharp razor,that doth deceit,that instead of shaving the hair cutteth the throat,Psalm.52:2.It is made in the shape of a sword;and David felt it as a sword in his bones,Psalm.42:10.It is thin,broad and long,as an instrument most fit to empty both the speaker’s and the hearer’s heart.It is a flame colour,as apt to set on fire the whole wheel of nature,v.6.

2.Cor.2:15-16.For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.To one we are the aroma of death leading to death,and to the other the aroma of life leading to life.And who is sufficient for these things?

v.15.A sweet savour Trapp comments..”The church is the mortar.preaching the pestle,the promises are the sweet spices,which being beaten,yield a heavenly and supernatural smell in the souls of the godly hearers.”

v.16.The savour of death…

Aristotle said,”Vultures are killed with the oil of roses.”

Pliny wrote,”Swine cannot live in some parts of Arabia by reason of the sweet scent of aromatical trees there growing in every wood.”Tigers are enraged with perfumes,says,Pausanias.Moses killed the Egyptian,saved the Israelite.Obed-Edom was blessed for the ark,the Philistines were cursed.The sun of the gospel shining upon one that is ordained to eternal life reviveth and quickeneth him;but lighting upon a child of death it causeth him to stink more abominably.Gregory in his morals saith that”this word is like the planet Venus,which unto some is Lucifer,a bright and morning star arising in their hearts,whereby they are roused up and stirred from iniquity;but to the other is Hesperus,an evening star,wherby they are brought to bed,and laid asleep in impiety.”Ecumenius tells us,that the fragrancy of precious ointment is wholesome for doves,but kills the beetle.

2.Cor.2:16.Who is sufficient?
And yet now who is it almost that thinks not himself sufficient for that sacred and tremendous function of the ministry?”Who am I?”saith Moses;”Who am I not?”saith our upstart.Bradford was hardly persuaded to be a preacher.Latimer leaped when he laid down his bishopric,being discharged,as he said,of such a heavy burden.Luther was want to say,that if he were  again to choose his calling,he would dig,or do anything rather than take upon him the office of a minister.
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