Great News!!Send E-Mails to those “Left Behind.”

We at “hottub religion” feel compelled to share this breaking news.After the “Rapture” as dispensationalists call it,you can send e-mails to your left behind friends and family.You may want to send them an audio of the song,”Wish you were here.”My friend Chadwick Ivester has promised to feed my dog after I’m caught up and Dwight Easler s going to cancel my mail.

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3 Comments on “Great News!!Send E-Mails to those “Left Behind.””

  1. chadwick Says:


    Can I also have the keys to your Toyota? 😀


  2. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Dear Hottub,

    if you are receiving this email you need to know that you were wrong and Lehay was right.

    Also, I have a large bunker in the ground behind the church near the old baptistry with enough canned spam for 7 years of tribulation. My weapons are locked in the cabinet and the combination is in the underground bunker with full instructions on how to withstand the onslaught of Chinese soldiers that will be invading in the next couple of years upon request by Barrack Obama. Please watch out for him, theres something in his eyes that makes me suspicious. I heard that he has already talked the European Union into changing all the money into Euro’s baecause the dollar is so weak.

    If you need keys to the church to get anything just wait for Sunday morning someone probably will be arriving by 11:05. Almost everyone seems to have a set of keys here.

  3. Bill Poore Says:

    Bill is missing.

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