Pastor..Husband of one wife.

Pastor Justin Nale deals honestly and boldly with Pastoral qualifications.

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6 Comments on “Pastor..Husband of one wife.”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    I agree with this treatmnet of the text and I would say that it is mostly in line with what I hold to as the original qualification that Paul had in mind. Most Baptist in their attempt to “be safe” go well beyond the original meaning of the text. I know many churches that will not allow a man to be a deacon or a pastor if he married a woman who had been divorced even if that woman was abandoned by her first husband.

    However, I will add another applicable question to the equation that one must consider when handling these things on a case by case situation. How did the person divorce?

    Were they abandoned, abused, or victims of sexual immorality? ( the word Jesus used was pornea in Matthew 19, which includes all forms of sexual deviance)

    Did they leave their spouse for the person they married?

    My first pastor left his wife and ran off with the church organist. They eventually got married, had kids and now live in another town. 36 years later his name still brings a reproach to the church that I was born in. That person even if he has been married to the same woman 35 years is still unqualified in my opinion.

    I do not believe most churches like the case by case scenario because they don’t have the guts to ask the tough questions. They would rather hide behind legalistic rules they have added to the Scripture to be safe which in the end will exclude the innocent that Paul declared to be free in 1 Cor. 7



  2. pastorinthewoods,
    Good comment. The height of hypocrisy on this issue is that the other qualifications are not given the same attention as ..husband of one wife.
    What about being…Blameless..vigilant..sober..of good report…given to hospitality….apt to teach….not given to striker…not greedy of filthy lucre..not covetous…one that ruleth his own house…having his children in subjection with all gravity.
    Husband of one wife is only one issue out of 13.Are the other 12 any less important?

  3. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Dr. Davud Miller was with us this week in revival. He was talking about the mercy of God and teh justic of God when he said. ” I don’t want what I deserve, I need mercy.” He said, “It’s like the preacher who said to the finance committee, ‘Don’t pay me what I am worth, I can’t live on that.’ I know I need to work harder to be “apt to teach”

  4. Greg Bailey Says:

    I recall a friend who was told that his pre-conversion divorce would preclude him from recieving a reccomendation as a pastor from the President of the Seminary. The obvious evidence of his conversion meant little. A few months later a man spoke in chapel who was now a pastor of a big church in LA (the state). Part of his sermon was on his testimony. He had been an enforcer for a local racketeer and had done many folks damage while collecting gambling, drug, loan sharking and prostitution debts. Why does conversion make a violent man who loves money so much that he will beat men nearly to death acceptable for ordained/supported ministry, but not a divorce. Sounds like the blood of Christ is more limited than we Soveriegn Gracers thought.
    IN Christ Alone,

  5. Bill Poore Says:

    A friend of mine who is divorced and re-married was told by his pastor,”You can’t be a deacon in this church,but you can serve in other positions if you TITHE.”

  6. Greg Bailey Says:

    So the Kennedy’s would be welcome. Isn’t that nice. We are back to indulgences.
    In Christ Alone, By Scripture Alone,

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