Eve,Benny Hinn.Ken Copeland .Crisco $$$and Mormons.

What do Eve(Gen.3)Ken Copeland,Benny(miracle hair)Hinn and the mormons have in common??Jack explains it all on his web sight…They all believe that men can become gods.If Romney becomes Vice President we will have a god in the Zebra administration.http://mormonthing.wordpress.com/2008/07/20/can-man-become-a-god/

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11 Comments on “Eve,Benny Hinn.Ken Copeland .Crisco $$$and Mormons.”

  1. JLFuller Says:

    What is the Zebra Admin?

  2. Zebra is a term African Americans use to describe a brother who has a white mother and a black father.He is neither black or white.He is like a zebra.
    I was pastor of one church where we had a black man who was married to a white woman,(dedicated christians).Another white man was married to a black woman.
    My wife worked at the Wake Forest town hall.One day one of her favorite customers asked her to come outside and look at her new born twins(she was married to a black man and she was white).One of her twins was black and the other one was white.Two beautiful babies.

  3. JLFuller Says:

    Out west here, mixed race couples were known as salt and pepper teams. But I haven’t heard that said so much recently. Mixed race couples are so common place that they are pretty much unremarkable.

  4. JLFuller Says:

    I should also remark concerning diefication or theosis that this isn’t a Mormon thing. It is a bible thing just in case somebody isn’t interested in going over to my bog. I mention nothing about LDS theology or authorities. It is strictly biblical based.

  5. JLFuller Says:

    What is the Crisco and $$$ reference about?

  6. That Creflo has some poor theology, but he sure is one sharp dressed dude.

  7. David,
    If you will sow a $1,000 “seed”gift into Creflo$$$(dollars )ministry,you will then reap a four-fold return..$4,000,and you will then be able to dress like “Pimp daddy”Dollar.Go to your phone right now and sow seed into this good ground.If you can’t find that phone number,my number is 283…

  8. Quinn Hooks Says:

    But if we dress like Crisco, Dr. Smith won’t be able to complain us dressing in golf shirst and blue jeans and being cool. 8)

  9. Quinn Hooks Says:

    I am sorry, it should read, “complain about us.” Thank you for your forbearance in this matter. šŸ™‚

  10. JLFuller Says:

    You asked “What do Eve(Gen.3)Ken Copeland,Benny(miracle hair)Hinn and the mormons have in common??” You forgot to include, Paul, Chrsit, God the Father, all the apostles, all the prophets and the hosts of Heaven. With just about every else disbelieving how can you not?

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