Are Mormons Christians?

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5 Comments on “Mormons…Satan and Jesus….Brothers”

  1. Paul V.Dolan Says:
    The LDS do indeed believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers (or half-brothers). From this theological point of view, it makes the both of them equal. that means either Jesus has been relegated to the position of a creature or Satan has been placed in the position of a god. Either way this theological concept is entirely outside any Christian belief.Also the Mormons (LDS) believe that God the Father had relations with Mary and that she is His concubine, not His wife, of which He supposedly has many. It is also believed by the Mormons (LDS) that Jesus Himself has many wives; among them are Mary and Martha (the sisters of Lazarus) and Mary of Magdala (Mary Magdalene).There are many other teachings of the LDS that are not concistent with Christian belief. Ask a Mormon about the planet KOLOB, or about their three “heavens” (terestial, telestial & celestial). What about the ever changing and evolvong doctrines of the LDS?Maybe the next time Elders Jim and Tom come to your door you can ask them these questions, or more.
  2. Says:
    That’s sick,but you are correct.Hardly anybody knows or believes the teachings of the Mormon cult.Our physician in N.C. was a devout Mormon and my wife and I benefited from his care and compassion.Sadly,no one.Mormons or Baptists can earn their way to heaven.
    A question that I ask when Mormons who come to my door is this:Is salvation a gift of God–plus nothing…minus nothing?Of course they do not believe that it is a gift..apart from works.I think it is a waste of time to discuss anything further.Recently I told two Mormons that I could not change their minds and they could not change mine so lets not waste our time.I admire their persistence and they should make terrific sales persons because of their tenacity.
    Many years ago our pianist in the church where I was the pastor was dating a Mormon.I counseled her on the dangers of dating and marrying a Mormon.She broke off the relationship.A year or so later she reconciled with the Mormon.when asked why…she replied..every Baptist I dated tried to get in my pants.
  3. Says:
    I would like to write this article for those who may stumble upon this site and be mislead about mormons. It is funny how people pick bits and pieces of the church and twist and turn them into false statements or rumors. It will be never ending, it gets passed from person to person. The most important thing to ask yourself is…Why is the mormon church the only church that people spend so much time trying to refute. Was it not the same when Christ came to this earth and oh how the Jews hated him, oh how people despised him, why?… because he was truth, he was pure, and he was salvation. Is it not obvious where Satan spends his time in these days, he turns all his efforts against the mormon church, not the catholics, protestants or baptists, but the mormons why?…Truth, purity, and salvation! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the restored church of our lord and savior.
  4. Says:
    Oh and by the way, the comments made in the first article are those things passed from person to person and are false. But you would have to go to church to find that out for yourself.
  5. Says:
    Three questions for Mormons and other “false”cults.
    1.Who is Jesus Christ?
    2.What did He do?(Accomplish on the cross)
    3.Is eternal salvation a gift of God..minus nothing…plus nothing?


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13 Comments on “Are Mormons Christians?”

  1. Quinn Hooks Says:

    It is unreal that people would believe Mormon doctrine when it clearly opposes clear biblical teachings.

  2. JLFuller Says:

    Just like every anti-Mormon site I have read, the comments here are not always accurate and in fact are misleading. You can go to and I will address many of these myths about Mormons.

  3. JL,
    I had to read The kingdom of the Cults in school.It was a waste of time.The only things that are important are…
    1.Who is Jesus?
    2.What did he do?
    3.Is salvation a gift,apart from works)?
    Just knowing the facts about the founder of the mormon cult(Jo,Jo Smith)should cause people to avoid the mormon church and the mormon Bible.Until you are ready to answer the three questions above,your comments wil not be posted.
    Thanks for stopping by the hottub.

  4. pastorinthewoods Says:


    Why are the Mormons a CULT? Well, one reason is because they always seem to know just one more secret than everybody else. That is always one of the red flags ( secret knowledge)
    And if people get too much knowledge their prophet just makes more secrets.

    I was asked by a Mormon once , ” Don’t you believe there can be prophets today?” I responded, ” Yes, false prophets that would have been stoned in Israel!”

  5. 1111 Says:

    Good site Good site Good site

  6. JLFuller Says:

    1.Who is Jesus? Jesus is the Christ the Son of the living God. We believe in the New Testament Jesus. 2.What did he do? Chrsit sacrificed Himself on our behalf. His atonement brought about mankind’s salvation. 3. Is salvation a gift apart from works? Yes.

    I am surprised you don’t know more about us bp.

  7. JLFuller | | | IP:

    You said “It is unreal that people would believe Mormon doctrine when it clearly opposes clear biblical teachings.” Just what did you have in mind? Go to and do your research. You can go to or to see what we really teach and believe. But just to set the stage, the Journal of Discourses is not scripture and may not be considered current doctrine so be careful of who you quote. And another thing, don’t confuse early Mormon opinions for doctrine or current teaching even if it comes from Brigham Young. In other words don’t buy off on the Ed Decker propaganda and misinformation. If you want to know something ask – don’t assume

  8. JLFuller Says:

    If you can, please take my e-mail address off the header. I get 200 spams a day and posting it makes it worse. The spiders or whatever pick it up. You know the rest.

  9. JLFuller Says:

    I have read many of your comments. I notice you tend to demonize Mormons rather than discuss theological differences. Demonizing I think plays into Satan’s hand. It drives us apart. I suggest there is a better way. We can discuss doctrine and history without the name calling and still accomplish Christ’s goals of bringing people together. Doing so raises the level of discourse and I think allows us to invite the presence of the Holy Ghost to enhance the experience.

    The thing you seem to focus on is Joseph Smith. As a life long Mormon and I think somewhat well read, I don’t know enough about Joseph to make the leaps you and others do. Much of the information available is tainted therefore unreliable although many diaries and journals seem straightforward enough when taken en masse. There are as many people speaking on Joseph’s behalf as there are those attacking him. So as I read the record, I don’t yet clearly understand what happened let alone believe I am able to come to an honest conclusion. I acknowledge my bias, but I am not blinded by it. I can be corrected. But I have heard all the arguments pro and con and am not convinced. I doubt you can add anything I haven’t already heard or read. Even so, given the dark side of Christianity is the base, I wonder if an individual’s personal behavior is sufficient foundation on which to postulate a theory. In other words, does it really matter?

    When we look back on Catholicism, for example, do the excesses of the Spanish Inquisition bear on today’s Church? Does the Baptist and Presbyterian support of slavery and genocide mean we can’t look to the modern Church for leadership? Does the behavior of current pastors who support the Ku Klux Klan mean Evangelicals have no voice worth listening to? I think if we kick everybody out who has sinned or made a mess of his personal life there would be no one left. I believe in holding leadership to a higher standard of course but the evidence has to be has to be unimpeachable too. The case against Joseph Smith does not rise to that level. When acknowledged scholars on all sides come to a mutual agreement over time I will consider the case sufficiently resolved for me too. Anything short of that is just propaganda.

  10. I like to recommend the Bible’s answers too.. (John 7:16 KJV) Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.
    17 If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

    You want to know more truths, be doers of the God and not man’s word firstly, serve God alone..

    Jer 17:5 Thus says the Lord: Cursed [with great evil] is the strong man who trusts in {and} relies on frail man, making weak [human] flesh his arm, and whose mind {and} heart turn aside from the Lord.
    Jer 17:6 For he shall be like a shrub {or} a person naked and destitute in the desert; and he shall not see any good come, but shall dwell in the parched places in the wilderness, in an uninhabited salt land.
    Jer 17:7 [Most] blessed is the man who believes in, trusts in, {and} relies on the Lord, and whose hope {and} confidence the Lord is.
    Jer 17:8 For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters that spreads out its roots by the river; and it shall not see {and} fear when heat comes; but its leaf shall be green. It shall not be anxious {and} full of care in the year of drought, nor shall it cease yielding fruit.

    (Prov 29:25 KJV) The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

    (Prov 29:26 KJV) Many seek the ruler’s favour; but every man’s judgment cometh from the LORD.

    (Prov 29:27 KJV) An unjust man is an abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked.

    (John 14:23 KJV) Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we ( note the plural term) will come unto him, and make our ( plural again) abode with him.

    (John 14:24 KJV) He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me.

    >>but if you can answer the questions as to where the “Trinity” and the two are one came from except from man //

    I cannot understand why people are having problem with the trinity for to me they are obviously listening to other men and not to God or his word the Bible.. if you have problem with the trinity tome you have many other major problems, such as you are not really being led by the Holy Spirit still too, and who is Jesus really now too? and you are not reading the Bible itself, alone.

    I have no hidden agenda, I am working for no denomination, or building any church empires too. I do not have to defend my church’s doctrines or their leaders now too.. I am an anointed Christian who follows solely Christ himself.

    I have also been gifted that God speaks to me, that Jesus speaks to me and that the Holy spirit speaks to me, because I am sold out to them.. I live for them alone.. anyone who is trying to serve God, self, the world, the devil they thus will always be in confusion and will not not know even God well firstly. I had made a full commitment to serve Jesus Christ and alone too for no man can serve two masters. I have been called to be Pastor directly by God, this was not my own first choice of a profession now too.

    (Mat 16:24 KJV) Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

    (Mat 16:25 KJV) For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

    There is no way in the world Jehowah Wittness, or Mormons can even be considered Christians for sure too.

  11. Jack Fuller Says:

    I am curious to know why those who are self appointed, without training and claim no scholarship abilities think anyone should give head to their understanding of scripture and its nuances. For example, is it important to know whether 1st Timothy was actually written by Paul or someone else? Without training how would they know and why would they care? Those who claim the Holy Spirit guides them will as often as not claim scripture says one thing and another self appointed “pastor” says just the opposite. It seems to me it becomes a big free-for-all. “Pastors” say what ever strikes their fancy and claim God told them. This confusion can not be the way God really runs the universe. Maybe that is why so many people are abandoning so many churches and falling attendance is such a big issue. Maybe the problem isn’t with apostatizing members but apostatizing leadership. It sure sounds like the fox is in the hen house and I don’t think it is the chicken’s fault.

  12. Pastors often say something like this at the close of a sermon as they give a public invitation(not found in scripture).If the Holy Spirit is speaking to you…come.If you “feel”led of the Holy Spirit…come.Now it is true,the Holy Spirit does speak and He does lead.But what does that really mean?

    How does the Holy Spirit lead a Christian?How does the Holy Spirit speak to a person?

    God is unchangable.Mal.3:6;James.1:17.God’s principles and methods of working are ever the same.

    1.When the Holy Spirit “speaks”,He speaks SCRIPTURE.Rom.8:16.The Spirit Himself beareth witness with our spirit,that we are the children of God.

    How does the Holy Spirit bear witness?The witness of the spirit is the Bible.

    Heb.3:7.Wherefore as the Holy Spirit(SAITH),today if you will hear his voice.Then in Heb.3:8-11 he quotes Psa.95.The Holy Spirit is speaking scripture.

    Heb.10:15.Whereof the Holy Spirit also is a witness to us:for after that (HeSAID before).The in verse 16 and following he quotes Jer.31.The Holy Spirit said this.

    The Holy Spirit takes the Bible and makes that personal to the believer.When a verse comes to your mind–the Holy Spirit is speaking to answer or to bring comfort.

    2.The Holy Spirit leads all of God’s children.Rom.8:14.For as many as are led by the Spirit of God,they are the sons of God.

    (1)He speaks to me scripture.

    (2)He leads me according to scripture.

    We don’t always recognize His leading.

    In Acts.23:11.Paul wanted to go to Rome.In Acts.25:11-12He appeals to Caesar.Unto Caesar shall you go.In Acts.28:19.I was constrained(led) to appeal unto Caesar.

    Two things about this leading of the Holy Spirit.

    (1).It will be a “continual”leading.Phil.2:13For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.If these desires are according to the scriptures–that is the leading of the Holy Spirit.The (will)to do it comes from God.2:13.Such a desire would not come from the world,flesh or the devil.

    (2).It will be a “lasting” leading.Phil.1:6.

    3.When the Holy Spirit speaks..He speaks to the (mind).Rom.8:5.For they that are after the flesh do (mind)the things of the flesh;but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.

    When the Holy Spirit leads,His leading will be in our (thinking)not our (feelings).

    He speaks to our (thoughts)Eph.1:17.That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ,the Father of glory,may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.(The Holy Spirit gives wisdom,revelation,knowledge of Him.)

    Eph.1:18The eyes of your UNDERSTANDING(thats not FEELINGS)being ENLIGHTENED.)

    Thats why Satan tries to distract our thoughts.Notice how difficult it is to pay attention in church.2Cor.10:5.Casting down imaginations.We have to give attention to this matter of (thinking)because thats how the Holy Spirit leads us.

    He speaks to our minds…not our feelings.It is very difficult to describe how it FEELS to be led.THAT IS NOT A SCRIPTURAL TERM.NOT ONCE IS IT MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE WHERE THAT LANGUAGE IS USED.

  13. Jack Fuller Says:

    By differentiating feeling from sensing a presense in ones mind you are very close to describing the LDS experience. We must be having similar experiences. Although some people describe it as a feeling or emotion I hear others describe it like you do. Your description is what I sense too. It is like a small quiet voice prompting me what to say or do. It as a thought being planted. Sometiomes the thought may provoke an emotion such as sense of relief after being told good news after you expected bad. More often it is just a powerful impression. Often it is a sense of intelligence that isn’t there otherwise. In my experience I just sense that something is right or wrong. Good post Bill. I learned something about you today.

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