David,Man of prayer,Man of war:Walter J.Chantry

The Fall lessons in,”Exploring The Bible “will feature Sunday School lessons from First and Second Samuel.I have the opportunity to teach a men’s class in SS and  have been gathering material on Samuel.

Walter J.Chantry’s book on,”David,man of prayer,man of war”is a ‘can’t put down’book,in my opinion.It is published by,The Banner of Truth Trust.

From the Author’s Preface:

Only the supreme providence of God and the unfathomable depths of divine grace could have conceived and forged the life of David.God made the son of Jesse into the emblem of the kingly office which only Christ would fufill more gloriously.He embodied all the qualities of manly nobility and charm.Everyone in his day loved David,except the most ugly and despicable figures.

No matter how high David rose above other men,his spirit was childlike toward the Lord.He who was equally at home holding the shepherd’s staff.the warrior’s sword,the poet’s harp,and the ruler’s sceptre,was completely transparent in the humbling of himself before the God of all the earth.This ease and simplicity in worship draws out our deepest emotions as we read the life of David,King of Israel.We love this man for showing us how to pray from every point of life’s compass.We love him for showing us how,in the midst of spiritual failure,we too can draw near to the Lord again in trust and devotion.

Perfectionists will not be comfortable with David.Those who stumble often,but who always turn with melted hearts to God for pardon and help,will find in him a brother for all situations.Such people will love the sacred history of his life and find it totally engrossing.(Walter J.Chantry).

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One Comment on “David,Man of prayer,Man of war:Walter J.Chantry”

  1. I’ve always appreciated how David was so REAL in his prayers. Nothing phony going on at all with him. Just raw, transparent, heart-revealing talk between a man and his God.

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