The Encyclopedia of Theological Ignorance.

There is actually a book called,“The Encyclopedia of Ignorance.”Its author explains that whereas most encylopedias compile information that we know,he will attempt to outline the areas of science we cannot yet explain:questions of cosmology,curved space,the riddles of gravitation,the interior of the sun,human consciousness.

Perhaps God has fenced off an area of knowledge,”The Encyclopedia of Theological Ignorance,for his own good reasons.Why does the Bible not give clear answers to certain questions.We all ask why??

(1) Job wanted to know why he suffered so?After all,Satan knew.God never told Job why.He just said ,where were you when I created the world Job,?Do you think you can do any better?God is sovereign.He doesn’t have to explain himself.You are wasting your time when you attempt to call God on the carpet.”

(2).And there is always the question and books have been written by Jews and Christians,”Why do bad things happen to good people…The Answer is simple,“There are no good people.”See Romans.3:10ff.

(3) God why is the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man so hard to explain.Probable answer.”Because I have a sense of humor.”

(4)God,why do professing,baptised christians fail to attend church.Probable answer.Haven’t you read my parable of the sower? Only believers whose hearts have been broken,plowed with the plowshare of the law of God,and own whose hearts have savingly received the seed of the gospel and as result bear..fruit..the only evidence of salvation of the truly born again.Don’t expect unregenerated,hard hearted,stony hearted,thorny(crowded)hearts to attend church.They are “pretend christians”who have responded to a shallow presentation of the gospel that does not demand repentance and fruit in their lives.

(4)God,why do we not get healed every time we get sick?Probable answer.Because if you were healed every time you got sick,you would never die.How else can you get to heaven?

(5)God,why do we pastors have so many trouble makers in the church?Probable answer,”To keep you humble.”

(6)God,Why can’t I get my people to tithe.Probable answer.The N.T. doesn’t teach tithing.You can give more than the tithe if you want to.

(7)God,Why do pastors have such a hard time.Probable answer,”The only thing I promised you was mysef.”Do you know of any pastor in the Bible who didn’t have a hard time? Read 2.Cor.11,crybaby.

(8)How do I know that I am one of the elect.Probable answer,”Keep searching and you will know.”

(9).Why is Dwight Easler’s church bigger than mine?Probable answer.”Because you have not compromised your covictions.Your reward is in Heaven.Dwight’s reward is down here.”

(10)Will we know each other in heaven?Probable answer,”Do you know each other on earth.”

(11)Will there be any stars in my crown?No answer!!

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2 Comments on “The Encyclopedia of Theological Ignorance.”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    Dear Bill,

    9a. Because your heart could not take it, he has plenty of time for bypasses and heart stints.

    9b. Are you speaking of the church that he pastors before or after he institutes the sweeping reform to recapture the regenerate church membership and root out the goats?

  2. pastorinthewoods,
    You need to have Baily Smith to come and preach.The wheat and the tares.And then show the video of J.Harold Smith’s sermon on God’s three dead lines.After that you will be able to baptise every member twice..Then you will have a Regenerated,totally confused church.

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