The Building—The Barriers and..The Battle!!!

The “walls’of the SBC are in need of repair.Our beloved convention is in a state of reproach.How can we work together to rebuild the walls of the SBC?The book of Nehemiah may provide some vauable lessons on leadership,followship and fellowship that we need to emulate today.

1.The construction of the walls.chapters 1-7.

2.The consecration of the walls.Chapters 8-10.

3.The consolidation of the walls.Chapters 11-13.

During the defense of the Phillipines during World War two,Gen.Douglas McCarther met with some of his troops one morning.And as he stood before them he asked them to volunteer for a very dangerous,but important mission.And he said,”if anyone will volunteer,let him step foward two paces.And after giving that invitation,he glanced down at a map of the area that was to be covered in this task he had for his troops.Then in a few seconds he glanced up again from the map and looked around in dismay,“What! not a single volunteer?”And his aid who was standing at his side,quickly said,“Sir,you don’t understand.The entire company moved foward two paces.”

And thats what we have here in Neh.3.This is what Nehemiah experiences when he challenges the people to rebuild the walls.They stepped foward from every sector, from every walk of life and they committed themselves to this great task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

You and I are engaged in wall building.We are encouraged to rebuild the walls of our lives,walls of our families,walls of our church and it’s testimony.Wall building never ends.When you get the wall up,you need to go back and start repairing and strengthening the things that remain.

There are 5 words that describe how Nehemiah engineered the work.


Chapters two through four of Nehemiah have to do with leadership that leads to follow-ship in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

 Many of the thoughts and illusrations in this sermon come from a series of studies in Nehemiah by Dr.Donald J.Jennings.

In 2:17 Nehemiah said to the people,”Then said I unto them,You see the distress that we are in,how Jerusalem lieth waste,and the gates therof are burned with fire:come,and let us build up thw wall of Jerusalem,that we be no more a reproach.”(shame)….The people should not be in a state of reproach and we should not bring about a state of reproach either.

In 2:18 the people gave the “invitation”at the end of that sermon—-not Nehemiah.They said,let us rise up and build,So they strengthened their hands for this good work.

In chapter 2:19-3:1 the theme is rebuilding the walls.

How did Nehemiah engineer the work?

1.There was Cooperation.

(2:18.)So they strengthened their hands for this good work.They worked together.

In chapter 3 there are at least 15 different occupations mentioned.But they all came together and cooperated in the rebuildiing of the walls.Notice how they worked together.

(1)The High is fitting that they should be mentioned first.It ought to be that lazy leaders.

(2).Goldsmiths and Perfumers working together.

(3.)The Puler Mayor of half part of Jersulam.3:9

(4.)In 3:12 Ruler of other half part and ..his daughters.(Lottie Moons and Annie Armstrongs got involved).

(5).In of the Plain.They were not from the city of Jerusalem.(probably Calvinists).

(6).3:29.The gate keeper.

(7).3:31..Gold smith’s son and the merchants.

If people are to work together,then and now,there has to be cooperation.

They had different backgrounds,different personalities.They had different views on things,different training,different occupations.But in order for this work to get done…they had to cooperate.

(1)So,people of different occupations..cooperated together.

(2)Some of the people did more than other people.Compare 3:5 with 3:27.In verse 5.And next unto them the Tekoites repaired;but their nobles ..put not their necks to the work of the Lord.v.27..After them the Tekoites repaired another piece,over against the great tower that lieth out,even unto the wall of v.5.the nobels did not work.In v.27 others went the second mile.

3.Some didn’t work at all.(v.5).Some did double duty.(v.27).Some of the The Tekoites did nothing.There are some leaders who think they’re too good to work.They were ignoble Nobels.They were unnamed unworthies.They were shameful slackers.Their numbers were few and this bunch stuck out like a sore thumb.Nehemiah just names them and goes on.He almost totally ignores them,but for making dishonorable mention of them and then goes on and emphasizes the positive,works with people who want to work and just leaves these slackers behind.I say to you,there are many people who put not their necks to the work.There are some who do double duty.Let’s work together.

“Making a roof for the weather,

Building the house for the King,

Only by working together,

Can people accomplish anything.”

2.Coordination.Chapter.3 How the work is carried out.

When you read chapter three,you will read the phrase,“next to him”or “next to them.”or “after him”,so and so repaired.You will find that phrase 28 times in chapter three.

How did they decide who was going to be next to whom?Coordination.It didn’t just happen.It involved hours and hours of careful research and planning on the part of Nehemiah.Just think of the supervision necessary to keep all these people working around that tremendous wall.He had to plan his work and work his plan.Cooperation…Coordination. These people stayed where they were placed.The work of God doesn’t just grow automatically.It takes Cooperation and Coordination.There has to be an order to it.Things have to be done decently and in order and for the glory of God.Think about the supply lines to supply these people with the material to build the wall.

3.Communication.After Nehemiah explained the situation in chapter one,the people said..”Let us rise up and build.”Nehemiah must have been a good communicator.But he also had an hour by hour,day by day communication with the people out there around the wall.North,East,South,West,all around that city..communicating.There were people coming with plans,questions,maps,etc.All kinds of decisions.In the work of God,we need to communicate.We need to inform  people.An informed  people are an inspired people.Tell the people about the work.Involve people.Communicate how the work is going along.What good are ideas if you can’t communicate them?

4.Concentration.It is absolutely necessary if we are going to do the work of God.Not everyone worked on the walls.4:21.So we laboured in the work:and half of them held spears from the rising of the morning till the stars appeared.Some were workers.Some were Warriors.It took leadership to find out who was a good warrior and who was a good worker.Nehemiah had assigned some of them to hold spears.(4:16-17.)Concentration on any task is the key to getting it done.You find someone who started and stopped,you find someone who lost their concentration.Something else has attracted them.They laid the hammer down.They laid the saw down and walked away from the wall.Something else interested them and they never came back.But you find that these people were concetrated on the work.So much so that Nehemiah had this work laid out from morming to night..So neither I,nor my brethren,nor my servants,nor the men of the gaurd which followed me,none of us put off our clothes,except that everyone put them off for washing.4:21.They slept in their clothes.That takes real concentration. These people meant business.Their famikies and their lives were at stake.

Jesus said in John.4:35b.Lift up your eyes,and look on the fields;for they are white(ripe)already to harvest.Have we lost our concentration?

5.Commendation One mark of a good leader is that he shows appreciation.He knows how to say,thank you.Neh.4:6b.for the people had a mind to work.Nehemiah is complimenting the people.In Neh.3:20.How did Baruch repair…earnestly. Nehemiah didn’t have to waste a word.He could have left that word earnestly(zealously)out.But he was complimenting this fellow here,Baruch.

In this chapter,Nehemiah mentions 75 people by name.He recognized them.Now there were many unnamed people involved in the work.Heaven has a commedation for them.God recognizes them.The person who write the hymn,“Never alone”is unknown.Unknown on earth–Known in heaven.

Nehemiah was an encourager.HE loved the people,the work and they loved him and followed him and they accomplished a great and impossible task.We are saying in these 5 words,cooperation,cooridination,communication,concentration,and commendation, whether we are building a fortification otherer a fellowship,a city or a church there must be a close relationship between the leader and the followers.It’s the kind of relationship Jesus Christ desires with his church.He the head of the body,the church(Matt.16).We are laborers together(1.Cor.3:9).

Are you on the construction crew.There is a great work to do.Walls to build,souls to save,an influence to have.

“A volunteer for Jesus,

A soilder true,

Others have enlisted,

Why not you?”

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