Poetry by Hottub Religion..When he by himself..

Heb.1:3Who being the brightness of his glory,and the express image of his person,and upholding all things by the word of his power,….when he had…by himself..purged our sins,sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high.

                                                      “By himself.”

By himself,bleeding,dying and all alone

His Father’s presence is now withdrawn

By himself,on a cross made from wood

He paid sin’s debt,only he would and could

By himself,it is finished,the Saviour cried

Then he bowed his head and Jesus died

By himself,that day is past,and now no longer true

Seated with the Father,there for me,and there for you

By..”yourself”,just you,no one else,you and you alone

Will you right now come to Christ and to the throne

By “yourself”,now is the time,here is the place to start

Remember,it was Christ who opened Lydia’s heart

By yourself,come,and on Christ and Christ alone believe

Christ will draw you to himself,his grace you will receive

By Bill Poore

Heb.1:3…Jesus is the ..Sacrifice.

               Jesus is the ..High Priest.

               Jesus is the…Altar.

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One Comment on “Poetry by Hottub Religion..When he by himself..”

  1. hwunch Says:

    Very cool! I may have to borrow it. BUT I will give you credit

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