Nehemiah and The E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y Church.

Nehemiah had never heard of the “Emerging”church in his day,but he knew something about the “emergency”church in Jerusalem.Returning to Jerusalem after a leave of absence he found that all the reforms he had instituted,all the revival that they had experienced seemed to have gone by the way and the people had reverted back to their old evil ways.

He asked three questions when he got back to Jerusalem.

1..Neh.13:6…Why is the house of God forsaken?

2..Neh.13:17b.What evil thing is this that you do,and profane the sabbath day?

3.Neh.13:27.Shall we then hearken unto you to do all this great evil,to transgress against our marrying strange wives?

                       Three things here:

(1).He found the desertion of God’s house. See..verse 4.And before this,Eliashib the priest,having oversight of the chamber of the house of our God was allied unto Tobiah.The high Priest and the highest enemy Nehemiah had have struck up a bargin and made a deal.Verses 5-11.

Beginning with verse 4 you find that there were unsaved people who had come in and mixed with the congregation of Israel and this man,Tobiah,who was the arch enemy of Nehemiah and God,was now living in the church.v.5And he had prepared for him a great chamber..

We learn a lot from things like that.(three things here).

(1)The Devil never gives up.He is bound and determined one way or another to dilute and weaken the testimony of God’s people.If he can get in he is going to get in and he will not stop at the first attempt.Nehemiah said to Tobiah,Sanballat and Geshem but you have no portion,nor right,nor memorial in JerusalemNeh.2:19-20.Nehemiah drew the line and said,”you don’t belong here,get out.”They were not Jews and they were sarcastic,critical,and negative.They had armies.They threatened to kill people.And Nehemiah named them and said,”you don’t belong here.”

As long as there was a standard of righteousness raised,Tobiah never stuck his nose in the walls of Jerusalem.God uses men.He calls men to raise up the standard of God.And Nehemiah certaintly does that in Nehemiah chapter 13.

But Eliashib,the High Priest wasn’t that way.What happened?

There was intermarrying,v.23.The High Priest thought….this fellow Tobiah is not as bad as Nehemiah has made him out to be.Let’s let him in.Tobiah,the enemy, moved in with the permission of the High Priest.13:5..He prepared for him a great chamber…

(2.)When God’s people do not use what God has specified for us to use for his glory—there will be a wrong use found for it.

So they were not using the house of God for the purpose God intended.They had forsaken the house of God.They had quit coming.They had quit worshiping.They had stopped bringing ther tithes and offerings.Many of them had left the city.

(3.)They had left off giving to God so they didn’t need the chambers that were set aside to receive the tithes and offerings…and so when you don’t use something for the right purpose,the Devil will find a wrong purpose for it.

So the Priest said,we don’t use this anymore.Why don’t you move in?Here is a man(Tobiah) Nehemiah wouldn’t let in the city and now he is living in the House of God.

What happened when Nehemiah arrived on the scene.In verse 8 we read.And it grieved me sore:therefore I cast forth all the household stuff of Tobiah..out of the chamber.

Nehemiah was jealous for the cause of God.He was grieved.Does it grieve us because there is sin in our lives?Does it grieve us that God’s work doesn’t move along as it ought to?

Nehemiah had a “spring cleaning”in the House of God.He didn’t even want the smell of Tobiah around.V.9.Then I commanded,and they cleansed the chambers:and thither brought I again the vessels of the house of God,with the meat offering and the frankincense.He got Tobiah out and brought the vessels….back in.Let’s use it for the purpose for which it was intended.Bring in this place that which belongs to God.Get the Devil out and bring God back in.That is revival.Get the wrong thing out and get the right thing in.

Nehemiah went to work.see verses 11-13.He rounded the people back up and brought them back in.He renewed the tithes and offerings.He reappointed workers and then he prayed.v.14.After every question Nehemiah asked in this chapter,he prays.Remember me,O my God,concerning this,and wipe not out my good deeds that I have done for the house of my God.v.14.(He did it for God).

2.The desecration of God’s day.The second question.Neh.13:17.Why do you profane the sabbath? Here is what he found concerning their practice on the sabbath day.Verses 15-22.

When people forget God’s house,they soon forget God’s day.

3.Third condition.v.27.The Desegregation of God’s people.Marrying stange wives.v.27.

Here is the situation that existed beginning in verses 23-24.In those days also saw I Jews that had married wives of Ashdod,of Ammon,and of Moab.And their children spake half in the speech of Ashdod and could not speak in the Jews’ language,but according to the language of each people.

As a result they had children that spoke the dialect of the heathen nations,but they could not speak the language of the people of God.They could not understand the scripture written in Hebrew.

Why did this condition exist?Because people who knew better didn’t do better.The Jews married non-Jews and Nehemiah in verse 25..Cursed them.He publicly brought them to shame.Why did he do that?Because he was angry for the right reason.He was jealous for the cause of God.He was doing it for their own good.Because if he let that situation go,t would be just a short time until that wall would be torn down,the gates burned with fire and these same people who were flirting with the enemy would be slaves to the enemy.

Nehemiah prays now at the end of this section.Verses 29-31.Remember them and remember me.Nehemiah took action out of righteous indignation and out of jealousy for a holy God.

13:8..I cast forth.

v.9.I commanded.

v.11.I contended.I gathered together.

v.13.I made treasures over the treasures.

V.15.I testified against them.

v.17.I contended with the nobles of Judah.

v.19.I commanded that the gates should be shut.

v.21.I testified against them,I will lay hands on you.

v.22.I command the Levites.

v.28.I chased him from me.

v.30.Thus cleansed I them.

Nehemiah stands as one of the great examples of men of God who did not count his life dear unto himself,but he was all out for the cause of God.

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2 Comments on “Nehemiah and The E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y Church.”

  1. stuart houston Says:

    Bro. Bill,

    Credit where credit is due! This post is fantastic (not that you need my approval). As a matter of fact, this post will preach- maybe at my church in the very near future (with your permission of course)!!!!


    Bro. Stuart

  2. Great stuff!! The story of Nehemiah is so inspiring.

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