Simple Summer Sermons..Fear not..Comfort my People.

Isaiah.43:1.But now thus saith the Lord that created thee,O Jacob,and he that formed thee,O Israel,fear not:for I have redeemed thee I have called thee by thy name;thou art mine.

Isaiah 1-39 have to do with the Condemnation of God.

Chapters 40-66 have to do with the..Comfort of God

In chapters 1-39 there was gloom and doom.

Now in Isa.40:1 Comfort ye,comfort ye my people,saith your God.

The word brings spiritual,emotional and mental relief to the hearts of men.

Several aspects to this comfort:

1..It is..comprehnsive.Urgent.It is imperative that you give comfort to my people.The God of judgement in the first 39 chapters is the same God that gives joy…preach to them..comfort

2.It is..constant.Repition expresses our need for comfort.Comfort ye…

3.It is..compassionate.vs.2.Speak tenderly.A word related to a man wooing a woman.Hosea.2:14.Speak to her heart.God is saying,”I want to comfort you.”

There ar 7 reasons why we do not need to be afraid:


1.The property of God.vs.1.But now thus saith the Lord that..created thee.We have a relationship with God.

2.The preservation of God.vs.2.When you pass through the waters,I will be with you;and throught the rivers,they shall not overflow you:when you walk through the fire,you shall not be burned;neither shall the flame kindle upon you.

3.The person of God.vs.3.For I am the Lord thy God,the Holy One of Israel,thy Saviour.

4.The passion of God.vs.4.Since thou wast precious in my sight,thou hast been honourable,and I have loved thee:therefore will I give men for thee,and people for thy life.

5.The presence of God.vs.5.

6.The promise of God.vs.6

7.The purpose of God.vs.7

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