Jay Strack..Millennians,Gray hair and Global Warming.

Jay Strack, a crusade evangelist from Orlando, Fla., closed the conference with a challenge to reach out to the “Millennials,” those born roughly between 1982 and 1997.


One controversy dividing Southern Baptists is between traditionalists who oppose compromise at any cost and younger leaders who argue the SBC’s doctrinaire stance and political infighting are making the denomination irrelevant to youth and young adults.


“It’s not compromise to realize that we need to preach God’s word to this generation,” Strack said. “It’s not about us,” he said to Southern Baptists older than 50. “It’s about the next generation.”


“The iceberg is melting,” Strack said. “There’s a lot of gray hair in this room.”


Jay Srack declares to men over 50,”It’s not about us,”It’s about the next generation.”

This was my first time to hear those born between 1982 and 1997 called”Millennials.” There are at least two reasons why I didn’t understand Jay’s terminology.

1.I am one of those A-Mills who think the left behind series is a work of fiction.

2.I am “out of the loop.”I’m one of those old gray haired ,meany traditionalist.

I didn’t quiet understand Jay’s appeal to reach out to the Millennials.Being an old gray haired meany,I just thought that we should reach out to all ages..sort of the way they did on the day of Pentecost.And I remember reading in the book of Nehemiah how “all”ages,the Millennials and the old gray haired meany traditionalist built the walls around Jerusalem.Poor old Nehemiah,He was like Joshua ,of whom Strack said,”He just didn’t get it.”

Strack also exclaimed something about the old gray haired meanies who won’t compromise and the Millennials who are tired of all ths doctrinal stuff in the SBC and the political infighting that is making our Denomination irrelevant to the Millennians,(boo-hoo).

According to Strack,those of us who are over 50(old grair haired meany traditionalist)must realize..it’s not about us.It’s about the Millennians who believe that our Denomination,like Joshua,just doesn’t get it.

In closing Stack made a remark about “global warming.”The iceburg is melting.””He said,”there’s a lot of gray hair in this room.”

I agree with Jay.We should reach out to the Millennians.I strongly disagree with the Millennians that we have to become more relevant to reach those born between 1982 and 1997.Any time we cater to modern day “culture”to reach any age,we have ,in my opinion,forgotten that our Lord is sovereign and when He is lifted up,sinners will come to him in saving faith.

Now I know what you are going to say before you say it”well we must change the “methods”to reach the Millennians,but not the “message.”Inevitably when the methods are changed,the message becomes watered down,and a fuzzy-wuzzy,felt-needs,Rick Warren message is declared in a non-offensive way to the Millenians on their “journey.”

It is a miracle that God could save me as a teen-ager in a traditional Southern Baptist church.

Now,I’m just an old gray haired meany traditionalist.
















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7 Comments on “Jay Strack..Millennians,Gray hair and Global Warming.”

  1. Greg Says:

    Hey Bill:
    Why do people think all the change needed (Jay and the unknowing gray hairs-I have a lot of them) is music or dress and softening a doctrinaire stance.
    Young folks (teens to mid 30’s) would like some music that makes some sense to their ears, they like a little less formality, but what they really want is real Christianity. What they loath and chases them away is nominal, socially acceptable Christianity that has no LIFE in it. Nominalism is something they want no part of. Don’t make it easy. Don’t make it soft. Whether in a charcoal gray suit or jeans and a t-shirt, give them the Gospel of THE BIG GOD, not some teddy bear who is no where found in the Bible.
    IN Christ Alone,

  2. Quinn Hooks Says:

    I don’t know, Bill. I am only 45. =) However, rather than grey hairs, I am losing hairs LOL!

  3. Greg Says:

    Hey Quinn,
    If you want to remedy your problem…think August 1981! It may become you. As for me, it maybe graying, but most of it will stay with me. It had better. I don’t want more hair on my back than on my head.

  4. Quinn Hooks Says:

    Just remember, Greg – I have 2 years seniority on you and I can still tell you to “drop and give me 10”! LOL

  5. Greg Says:

    You can tell me, but that doesn’t mean it CAN happen…5 may look good 2 will look rough, the rest will be with my 42 in waist resting on the ground!
    What do you think about the post. What do we do to get the ear of younger folks and what is the best way to present the Gospel to them?

  6. Bened Says:


    You just don’t get it…

  7. Bened,
    You are right…and I don’t want it…

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