Sermon Seeds..Amazing,Transforming Grace.

The gospel is not a “help wanted”sign.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a “help available”sign.

The church has a message for man who is depraved and lost in sin,tired and  burdened with sin.

The message of the gospel is:

A bad man can be made good..a good man can be made better..a sick man can be made well and  dead man can be made alive in Christ..Matt.11:28-30.

God’s grace is Amazing.

Amazing grace because it reaches down to All.

Astonishing grace… looks beyond all human reasoning.It doesn’t make sense that a God who created us would allow his creatures to hang him up and then extend a hand of love,but,Rom.5:8ut God commendth his love toward us,in that,while we were yet sinners,Christ died for us.

Astounding that it ministers to all human needs.

Accomplishing grace..perfects all human failures.

Assuring grace…comforts all human suffering.

Attaining grace..because it surpasses all human expectations.Eph.3:20.

        It is his grace that…Transforms….Grace..

Transforms our tears into triumphs…our gloom into glory…our weakness into strength…our bareness into fruthfulness…our rocks into roses…our worry into worship..and our heartaches into hallejauhs.

It is his grace that makes..heavy burdens bearable…makes high mountains climbable and deep valleys crossable.It is his grace that makes..lonely nights livable and daily pressures managable.

His grace can lift us from the gutter to glory,from prison to paradise,from hell to heaven,from despair to delight,from shadows to sunshine and from emptiness to everything.

For by grace…Eph.2:8.

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