Summer Sermon Seeds.Who Cares?Luke.10:25-37.

Some time ago there was on the front page of a  news paper a picture that was very sad.A man who was a  Vietnam Veteran,and had been a paramedic in Vietnam was leaning on a car door of an automobile that was stalled beside a busy expressway in some North East region of our country.The story underneath explained the circumstances of why he was bent over that car and was weeping.

On the way to work that morning the woman who had been driving that car had a heart attack and she had fallen outside the car there by the busy expressway and this man happened along and stopped.He gave her emergency treatment and for some 20 or 30 minutes,he was able to keep her alive.But after 25 or 30 minutes she died in spite of all the emergency treatment that he was able to give.

But the reason for his crying was this.He said that during that period of 20 or 30 minutes,I beckoned everyone who passed along the roadside to stop and summon help for us,to get an ambulance to come to the rescue of a dying woman.But he said,”No one seemed to care.”And no one stopped.

It seems people don’t care anymore.The christian faith is a caring faith.We need some Christian care and concern.A lot of people feel that no one in this world really cares about what happens to them.

1.The Samartian had a…compassion to

That made him a caring Christian.What is love that leads to a caring?

(1)Love is a caring attitude.What is a caring attitude? See Luke.10:30-35.

He,,saw him..he loved and cared for him.That is the loving attitude.

When Jesus ran into people in human need and suffering,the first thing he did…He alwats saw them.

Secondly,He always had compassion on them.He loved them and as he loved them..He moved beyond that to care for them.That is the caring attitude

When the Priest and Levite passed by,they saw the same man.They saw the same suffering and need,bit they did not have a loving attitude or a caring compassion for him.They had knowledge.They were well trained and well learned in the things of religion.They were religious but it didn’t make any difference.When they saw a man suffering,they passed by on the other side.Care is love that looks with compassion and leads to a ministry of caring action.That’s what care is.

2.The Samartian a … give.

(1)He gave..himself.(he came)

(2)He gave his…time.He was not to busy to take time to help.

(3)He gave his ..treasure.

3.The Samaritian had the..courage to …help.

If you really care,you are going,give and help.The Samaritian had a love that led and care led to..action caused the man tohelp him and he did something tangibly and beautifuly for him.He lifted him up and helped him along life’s way.That’s is what it means

What are the requirments for a caring,helping christian?

(1)You must be..ready to help..anyone.Willing to help..anyone whether they are like you or not.That’s caring,that’s love.

(2)You must be willing to go anywhere..Availability.

(3)You must be willing to go..anytime.

Care crosses the boundries of those things that ordinarily restrict us from doing what God would othewise have us to do.

Do you care about what happens to people in this world?

Years ago in Atlanta Ga.,22 little black children were killed.The headlines of an Atlanta news paper read,”Atlanta,a city too busy to care.”

Jer.49:31..Arise,get you up unto the wealthy nation,that dwelleth

Christianity is a…caring Religion.

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