Sermon Seeds….My Doctrine.Deut.32:2

How is the Word of God described in  the Bible.

1.Deut.32:2.Word is described as ….doctrine and rain..My doctrine shall drop as the rain,my speech shall distil as the dew,as the small rain upon the tender herb,and as the showers upon the grass.

Rain is a blessing and when it comes it is a blessing.

2.The Bible is referred to as a seed.Matt.13:1-23.The seed(the word)fell upon hard hearts,stony hearts,crowded hearts,and plowed hearts ready to receive the word.

Any time one seed is planted many more seeds are produced.That little seed may not seem like much,but when it comes up there will be fruit that will be that is continual and perpetual in lives that have been transformed by the seed of the word of God.

3.The word is referred as a

There is a connection between the word and net.It is a picture of the Word of God not returning to the Lord,void(Isa.55:11).It has a purpose.

4.The word is referred to as a sword.Eph.6:17.

Going to war..the sword will accomplish God’s purpose.

5.The word of God is referred to as…honey.Psalms.19:10,119:103.

When you take honey into your system,it will work(perform).Honey gets to a person’s blood stream quicker than anything else.Nothing gets to the spiritual man as fast as the word of God.It gets down in that spiritual blood stream.

6.The word of God is called a ..hammer.

Jeremiah..”my word is like a hammer.”The word of God works like a hammer.You may not see an indention at first.You may not even see a crack at first..but just keep hitting and after awhile it will break open.

7.The Bible is likened unto milk and meat.

What does milk and meat do?It causes growth.The reason we are weak spiritually is because we haven’t taken in the milk and meat of the word…1.Peter.2:1-2

Sunday school teacher…keep teaching the word.

VBS worker..give the word.

Pastor..preach the word.It will perform.

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One Comment on “Sermon Seeds….My Doctrine.Deut.32:2”

  1. This is a good reminder. Thanks for calling us back to scripture!!

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