Simple Summer Sermon Seeds from A Simple Minded Pastor

In Acts,1-8 we see the marks of a healthy church.

In chapters one through eight.

1..verse one..They had a Person they loved…Jesus.

They loved him for…

(1)Who he was.

(2)For what he said.

(3)For what he did.

Who he was..the Gospels.

What he taught..parables.

What he did..miracles.

2.They had the Power of the Lord.v8.

3.They had a Program that was limitless.

One Person..Jesus.

One Power..Holy Spirit

One Program..Go into all the world.

4.They had Promises that were lifting.vv.9-11

5.They had Prayer as their lifeline.v.14.Prayer is mentioned 26 times in 28 chapters.

6.They had Preaching that was liberating.1:15-22;2:14.

7.They had Possessions that were given liberally.2:44-45;4:32-37.

Several reasons why we should give liberally:

(1)Because God OWNS all.Psm.24:1;50:10;1.Cor.6:19-20.

(2)Because I OWE all.1.Cor.4:7.

(3)Because I am accountable to God.Luke 16:2;Luke.12:48.

(4)Because God commands it.Mal.3:10.

(5)Because it is reasonable.Deut.8:18.

(6)Because 16 of 30 parables deal with finances.

(7)Because it makes me a partner with God.1.Cor3:9.

(8)Because the tithe is holy unto the Lord.Lev.27:20

8.They had Purity in their daily living.5:1-11.

9.They had Peresuction for ther labor.5:17-19;7:54-59;8:1-4;12:1-3

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