My tribute to the next President of the SBC.June,6,2008.

Calvin,Edwards,Spurgeon and of course Martin Luther,

Men of sound doctrine and their sermons were super,

Then years later came Johhny,his last name was Hunt,

When it comes to preaching,Johnny’s no runt,

His passion for lost souls leaves us no doubt,

He shares the gospel with a whisper or a shout,

We hear that Johnny’s the next president of the SBC,

It may be true  and perhaps Johnny should be,

Chosen,foreknown,predestined,called and elected,

From a life of sin,one day,Jesus,Johnny selected,

Now saved,called to preach,few thought that he could,

He is a pastor’s friend ,we call him,”Johnny be good.”

God bless you Johnny and I mean it sincerely,

Your Calvinist friend and I mean it really!

Bill Poore,

rest of story..June 10,

Johnny Hunt was elected on the first ballot.The Convention has spoken.Congratulations,Dr.Hunt.



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2 Comments on “My tribute to the next President of the SBC.June,6,2008.”

  1. Joe Wright Says:

    Johnny got elected
    that’s hot like fire
    Truly one man of God
    I do admire

    Bringin’ focus back
    to tha great commission
    get them poles now boys
    it’s time for soul fishin’

    No time for disputes
    causin’ the kingdom pain
    like Johnny always say
    “Keep the main thing main”

    I got a lot of wisdom
    under that man’s teachin’
    shed a lot of false doctrines
    listenin’ to his preachin’

    He got a servant-leader heart
    & a humble spirit
    When he opens up tha Word
    he can truly hear it

    Congrats go to Johnny
    Thank tha Lord for you
    Can’t wait to see what it is
    that The Lord will do!

    -Crayzee Joe

  2. You da man,Crayzee Joe,you da man.

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