Calvinists are on the attack:Dr.Larry Flegle.FBC Woodstock.

Dr. Larry Flegle Says:
June 5, 2008 at 2:38 pm e

Dr.Flegle of FBC Woodstock responds to Dr.Poores post on,”Follow the leader.”When I read some of the posts I wonder what are the goals of these mean spirited people. My Father pastored for 37 years. He always said that many people would have a problem understanding election. Well, I see that not only do many have trouble with their understanding they use that understanding to attack others. Satan’s crowd is often kinder than those who profess the Lord.
I was recently at a meeting in Texas. It was a non-church related meeting. The gentleman sitting next to me was drinking a Tom Collins. I found out he was the pastor of the largest SBC church in town. When he found out I was a member of FBC Woodstock he immediately attacked me for my theology. No wonder the lost world is confused.

Dr. Larry Flegle

I must confess Larry,”I think this is the first time that I’ve been accused of being worse than Satan’s crowd.”

The doctrine of Election is indeed difficult to understand.However,it is interesting that when Paul wrote to the Ephesians in Ephesus,he began his letter teaching on predestination,the chosen(elect).He must have thought that even young converts needed to seriously consider this deep,deep doctrine.Peter ,in his first Epistle begins his letter,1.Peter.1:2.Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father…Peter was writing to christians who were being persecuted for their faith.Dr.Flegle,the doctrine of election brought these christians(thousands who were fed to hungry lions and burned at firey stakes.And may I say as humbly as I know how,this blessed doctrine has brought me joy unspeakable and I can say with Peter,”Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.This awesome doctrine of election,foreknowledge.knowing that as his child I was chosen before the foundation of the world,has sustained my dear wife and me for the past 18 months.Our first born son died on his 33rd birthday.Knowing that our Lord is Sovereign in all things,including election,has helped me to deal with the darkest moments of my life.

I  believe,as Jonah,did and as Jerry Fawell now believes,”Salvation is of the Lord.”We are not elected because we selected.”Everyone is not of the elect.If that were so ,All would be saved.Salvation is more than an offer for totally depraved men to respond to of their own volition.Salvation is an accomplishment.Christ died for his sheep and he will not lose one.The gospel is not “Whosever.”It is “Whosoever belieth.”Whosoever thirsts.”Whosoever is tired of the load of sin..come unto me and I will give you rest.Jesus said in John.6:37..All that the Father giveth me shall come,(not maybe will come)to me;and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

It is hard to define the absolute absurdity of pastors who ignorantly say ,I’m elected because I selected.”Or,”God voted for me,Satan voted against me,and I cast the deciding vote.”And here is an old one”God did his part and I did mine.

“Please give my regards to the next President of the SBC.

I am sorry,Dr.Flegle, that my post offended you.It is true that I am a calvinist,but I don’t drink Tom Collins.That’s a “sissy drink.”I prefer Bible wine,the kind Jesus made in John.2

Here is Johnny Hunt on Election….

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3 Comments on “Calvinists are on the attack:Dr.Larry Flegle.FBC Woodstock.”

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    That’s a great answer from a half drunk. calvinist, liberal, that is worse than Satan.

  2. Greg Says:

    Oh, I guess you like Bud Light!

  3. reujacobs Says:

    Calvinism is from Satan. Satan wants babies to go to hell, and so do the Calvinists and their imaginary god who they say sends babies to hell. The true God does not send babies to hell, but he does send Calvinists who lie on him and claim he sends babies to hell to hell.

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