Follow the leader;President Hunt..give 2.2%to CP!!!

Is the Cooperative Program the best,most efficient avenue for global mission support? Not according to Johnny Hunt who will probably be the next President of the SBC.We know this because,Ted Traylor,who will nominate Johnny said,”The last time I discussed it with him (being nominated for president),I saw a flicker in his eyes;and I believe God sparked a flame in his soul for this.”

Now,I ask you,”Who would dare not vote for a man with a “flicker”in his eyes and a “flame”in his soul?I am speechless.Speech has left me.All  I can say is,”I regret that I only have only one vote to cast for Johnny.”

Hunt has set the example in CP giving that every SB church should wholeheartedly follow without any reservations.

Woodstock,under the dynamic leadership of Johnny,in 2007,gave $393,798,or 2.2& of of undesignated receipts of $18,951,579 to the CP.

Woodstock is to be commended for their generous gifts of 3.5 million out of a budget of $19.5 million to mission’s causes.So we have:

Total budget.$19.5 million dollars.

CP..$18,951,579.2.2 percent.

Mission’s causes. $3.5 million dollars.

Total.about $3.894,000 out of a budget of $19.5 million dollars.

Just suppose that every church in the SBC followed this model.Here is an example:

The Greenville Baptist association in SC has 108 churches.Their total gifts last year were $41million,983 thousand dollars.If every church in the Greenville association followed Johnny’s example and gave 2.2 percent,that would come to$92,362.75 to the CP.

Now in John’s defense,he responded to the Baptist press this way when he was asked,”If you are elected,what would be your priority message for Southern Baptists”

If you are elected, what would be your priority message for Southern Baptists?Hunt replied…

I believe that Southern Baptists need to turn the tide in the area of cooperation as it pertains to coming together with a central, positive “love loud” message of sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus, which is the only hope of those outside of His saving grace. We need to get back to being the people of the Book as it pertains to church planting, global missions, sharing the Gospel with our neighbors and with the nations and learning to cooperate around the central vision of the Great Commission. I feel that the message of the Cooperative Program has spoken louder than the message of the Gospel. I believe that when we are faithful to the Gospel there will be faithful people supporting the Cooperative Program. Having said that, I believe with all of my heart that when our major focus becomes the message of Jesus, the Cooperative Program will increase in exponential proportion, and that is my hope and prayer.

“I believe the CP has spoken louder than the message of the gospel.

When I read that my first thought was that he was responding to the Editor of “The Sword of the Lord.” That is the language of an Independent,fundamental,KJV only,pre-tribulation,pre-mill,seperated,soul winning(just squeeze my hand) Baptist pastor.

If John is elected as presIdent and Southern Baptists eagerly follow his philosophy about new converts,and discipleship the SBC will save a lot of money.We won’t need Master Life or Experiencing God material.

John said,”I believe that expositional preaching is the best method of preaching to disciple from the pulpit.” That is interesting considering that most folks by wednesday for get 90 per-cent of what you said on Sunday except for the illustrations you used and the stories you told.John also has a new members class and small group meetings.However,most churches in our convention are “small groups”already .What are we to do?Oh,I remember,disciple them in your 30 minute sermons.

Now,who should you vote for next week for President of the SBC.That is a no brainer.Look for the guy with a “sparkle”in his eyes and a “flame”in his heart.You will probably see him at the Cooperative Program display.Where else would the pastor of a church that gives 2.2 percent to the CP BE?

PS.On behalf of John,”I want to thank all SB churches that gave more than 2.2 per-cent when John was a student at SEBTS.If every church gave only2.2 percent,John and other students would have suffered and Paige Patterson would be bi-vocational.

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6 Comments on “Follow the leader;President Hunt..give 2.2%to CP!!!”


  2. stuart houston Says:

    You are one disrespectful and obviously bitter man ‘Hottub’. Some of your posts are so mean-spirited and bitter that it makes me shutter. You are in my prayers.


  3. No,Chadwick,Stuart is right.After reading his comments,even though they reek with “false piety”,I am turning down the temperature in the hottub.Somehow,Stuart,has the ability to “look into my heart”and what he has seen is not pretty.He was the only real friend I had and now he has judged me and I am crushed.I spent most of the night reading Joel O’steen”s books and listening to songs by Tammy Faye Baker,Messner.Now I know that”I can make it.”
    Stuart,I want to hold out an olive branch to you to prove my sincerity,I am sending you a free KJV Bible autographed by “Johnny be good.”
    With that said,I am better and not bitter.Stuart must increase,but I must decrease.
    I am the”new”Bill.No more satire.

  4. Dr. Larry Flegle Says:

    When I read so of the posts I wonder what are the goals of these mean spirited people. My Father pastored for 37 years. He always said that many people would have a problem understanding election. Well, I see that not only do many have trouble with their understanding they use that understanding to attack others. Satan’s crowd is often kinder than those who profess the Lord.
    I was recently at a meeting in Texas. It was a non-church related meeting. The gentleman sitting next to me was drinking a Tom Collins. I found out he was the pastor of the largest SBC church in town. When he found out I was a member of FBC Woodstock he immediately attacked me for my theology. No wonder the lost world is confused.

    Dr. Larry Flegle

  5. Greg Says:

    Dr. Flegle:
    What does a Tom Collins have to do with it? The problem many Calvinist types have with Woodstock is that every few months someone in the pulpit seems to be attacking Calvinists. Usually in a very strawman manner. I for one would be glad to not have to be concerned about 1st Woodstock. I will when they stop using very flawed and unhistorical arguments against soveriegn grace and election. Or bringing in very questionable things like whether alcohol is OK in the Christian life or not. Obviously from scripture, it is OK when used moderately and sobriety is not impacted…or idolatry for the drug doesn’t take over…ie look up the Wedding at Cana.
    In Christ Alone,

  6. Greg Says:

    I am sorry Chad. I guess I am just too far gone. I know, there is a rash of SBC pastors being pulled for DUI’s. Much drunkeness amongst the lay elders and deacons. It does seem to be a pressing problem….really?
    This is one of the two things that I have never been able to see how John MacArthur gets his stand Biblically. One mandatory abstinence, the other….no commnet.

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