SBC…Church Planters..”DEAD MEN WALKING.”

Dr.Danny Akin in an article posted on the SBC today’s web sight decried the low funding levels for a new church start and declared,”a church planter is “Dead on Arrival”when he is funded at a decreasing level for three years at a starting salary of just $20,000 dollars.In the Baptist State Convention of N.C.Church planters start even lower,at $14,000 dollars.

In light of these shameful facts,I want to make some observations and suggestions to Chuch planters:

1.If you are married and have children…

(1)You qualify to go on welfare.

(2)Your children will get free lunch at school.

2.Your home church could sale chicken plates to raise money for your support.Also Chinese auctions and car washes are excellent ways to encourage people to get involved in your labor of love and work of faith as a Southern Baptist church planter.

3.In most towns there are food banks and Salvation Army stores.Try to buy your food necessities in bulk and avoid luxuries like tooth paste(instead use baking soda and salt)to brush your teeth.When shopping at the Salvation Army store,tell them that you are in the Army of the Lord as a Southern Baptist Church Planter and they may give you a ten per-cent discount on your purchase.This wiil enable you to give more to the Cooperative Program and in turn more Southern Baptist church planters will be sent out to reap a great harvest in the Kingdom of God.

4.If at times you become discouraged,call and talk with someone at the Baptist State Convention.He will say somthing like this,“Let’s do lunch.”He will meet you to “do lunch “at the convention’s expense.Now you need to be aware that he will be in a hurry to get to another “brain storming session”at the Baptist Building,so don’t be surprised if he keeps looking at his watch.

5.To help suppliment your income of $20,000($10,000 after you pay health insurance) your wife could teach school at an Indepndent,Fundamental,Pre-tribulation,Pre-mill,Seperated,Soul winning Christian school.If she doesn’t have a college degree it will not matter.A high school drop out could teach there as long as she doesn’t wear slacks or smoke.As a Southern Baptist church planter most of your work will be during the day so why not get a night shift job at the UPS.

6.My final thought is this and I hope it brings encouragement to you.Conservatives in our beloved SBC have only been in control for 30 years.Maybe in anothr 30 years or so they will have trustees on boards like the NAMB who will make sure Southern Baptist Church Planters are more than”Dead men walking.”

If you are ever close by,give me a call and “We will do lunch.”

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8 Comments on “SBC…Church Planters..”DEAD MEN WALKING.””

  1. pastorinthewoods Says:

    You forgot one. You must read ” Maximizing Your Effectiveness” by Malphurs and call back in 6 months to do lunch again.

    Maybe we need to restructure our church multiplication group and add a new departmental emphasis called, “Salary Multiplication Group” for those already serving in the field.

    I think the goal is to get the church planters out from under convention control as soon as possible. I guess funding it this way is a garauntee that will happen.

  2. Dwight,
    He must think you are “slow”reader.You could read “War and peace”in six months.

  3. Greg Says:

    In SBCV land (VA) it isn’t so much they want them out of Convention control, as they don’t seem to know what a church is or what a successful church is. The only paradigm they will support is a seeker sensitive mega-church in the making. I building fellowship that doesn’t explode quickly isn’t even on the radar screen. I am amazed that independent RBC’s will support a church plant with upper 5 figures (for whole budget) for upwards of 10 years, because they read the story of the sower and the seed and know the ground needs prepping and the seed needs time. NOVA is full of under supported church plants that now are bleached bones. When the planter can no longer feed his family without a major bivo job, he leaves. His minstry is too big to spend 40 hours doing something else, but it is not yet big enough to support him. I had lots of friends go to NH to do planting work…80% of those works were failures…time and support are essential. Churches don’t form and thrive in a hot house environment.
    In Christ alone,

  4. Greg Says:

    Incidentally. When I was in Seminary (SEBTS) in 98 we had a hand trained Saddleback guy come from So Cal to teach some overview on the method on behalf of the SBCV. Then we were told SBCV would give a planter 21K first year and it declined by 7K until you should be fully funded.
    Our church gives an SBCV recruited/supported church planter 8K ourselves (not sure what SBCV does now). But his clock is ticking. He has 85 brandnew people. But apparently they aren’t able to support him and the ministry needs yet as he is doing all he can to attract more folks…a 2d grand opening. Raffling a car…(we almost disowned him after that). If he takes Biblically correct doctrine and method into it, we should support him in his efforts to disciple these 85 mainly new Christians, not pull his funding. Do they not understand what attracting 85 folks (most with no Christian experience) entails and means to the kingdom? Well, he just isn’t following the time line …or business plan…we need to dump his stock.
    Just a little jaded by the reality of it!

  5. Steve Says:

    Dear HotTub.. I started 2 churches without getting funding at all from our denomination…. And then they bragged that THEY had started 7 churches in 10 years.. and 2 of them were mine! We saved for 3 months to buy a mop!
    Its a sad day when we don’t fund church plants,

  6. Steve,
    I never dreamed that I would see the day when the SBC would suggest to church planters that they adopt the methods of Independet Baptist missionaries who struggle to get support from individuals and various churches.
    Why should Home missioaries(church planters)in the U.S be treated any differently than those who serve on foreign fields?In my humble,but correct opinion,this is the height of hypocrisy.

  7. Greg Says:

    I know that I this may be heresy on Hottubs site, but NAMB should have little to do with most church plants. NAMB, even State and local associations, it should be churches. Our major problem has been the centralization of both power and responsibility. When the money goes through central hands, it always has strings attached to it, and usually time tables for numeric success, little consideration of what is a biblical church. It is far better for a handful of like minded churches…possibly in a local association…possibly not, to sponsor a church planter for the long haul…10 years if needed. A church does not thrive in a hot house. You pastoral types know it is already a hot house without unbiblical expectations. I am an SBCer, but the CP funded ministries need a ton of work. I am no fan of Johnny Hunt, but his CP giving means little to me..or lack of…but that he wants to be president of the CP funded central organ. Oh, and often he sounds like a very ignorant man when discussing theology.

  8. David Wilson Says:

    Hello fellow crabby person.

    As someone who tried to plant a church in GA and failed, BTDT.

    There’s so much wrong with how we SBC’ers do missions, but church planting may be the worst of the worst.

    I had forgotten about those “lunches” – made me laugh.

    I wrote recently about “if I had it to do over again” and how I tried to get NOBTS to look at a joint MACE/MEd degree so people like me could have provided for our families by teaching in the mission field while on it through church planting. Too radical. Made too much sense.

    Keep pushing.


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