You will note in this article the posed pictures of three men

Don Purvis..Don has served the SCBC Convention since 1864.Don’s knowledge and wisdom defies the humand mind.When Don is finally called home..wisdom as we now know it will be a thing of the past.

In the middle you have Jim Austin.Don and jim are dressed alike.No ties..which identifies them with Rick Warren and the emergent church philosophy.

Tom dared to  be different and wore his Easter outfit.This expresses his independent disposition.He only agreed with 100% of this Reorginazation,Restructed,Re-vitalized,Re-emphasis visionary plan.Our sincere thanks goes out to these three men.(now if they would only do something about the phone situation at the Baptist Building.Is everybody gone from the desk)

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  1. Rev. Says:

    Don looks great for a guy who has been serving since 1864. 😉

  2. pastorinthewoods Says:

    This has inspired me to write a new advice blog called “How To Reach Retirement As A Bureaucrat.” I hope this helps someone who aspires to such a calling.

  3. hwunch Says:

    Caption for the picture…
    You see Jim, the top circle is you. Then the 6 circles below you are folks you get to work for you. Now, there are a few people, Jim, and you could be one of them, who have made millions in this wonderful business. Now, I know what you have heard about Amway, but it is not entirely true….

  4. Don..Hans Wunch won’t like these extra expenses.
    Jim…This is my vision Poore,”Get over it.”
    Tom…Jim is holding that paper upside down.Hope that’s not an omen.
    All three say in unision…”Let’s get a bite to eat at convention expense.”

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